Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Biya’s 30 Years Rule Messianic or Satanic By Tamukong roland

History holds, today that the National Chairman and President of the Cameroon’s’ People Democratic Party (CPDM) HE President Paul Biya clocks 30 years over Cameroons’ Presidency and Magistracy.
30 years that you and I without any fear of contradiction will acknowledge, the sole architect of Cameroon’s new deal Democracy, master minder of Cameroon’s new era of clean Politic, has achieved a lot for this great Nation so far.
President Paul Biya “The Philosopher King Divine, Designed, Designated and Ordained by God” as most Journalist and Publishers describe him, is a proclamation of the fact that Mr Biya is Cameroon’s’ Messiah.
This 30th anniversary symbolises 30 years of President Paul Biya’s miraculous rule of Cameroon. Like Jesus the Magician, Mr Biya has moved Cameroon from Grass to Grace.
As a technician, with shrewd Administrative acumens, Mr Biya has been able together with his team of indefatigable leaders to mount and come up with elastic and flexible policies to develop Cameroon.
President Paul Biya for over 30 years, as a man born with great Visions, has been able to make manifest of the visions in the progressive development goals initiated daily to enhance Cameroon’s’ dynamic potentials. These in brief summarily describe the Biya’s Era in 30 years.
For 30 years the Head of State President Paul Biya has greatly improve Cameroons’ road network, has harnessed natural resources appropriately to meet economic goals, has ensured peace and justified security, has improve greatly on the health sector most especially in the donation of Referral Hospitals, dialysis centres to Cameroonians, operation roll back Malaria, HIV\AIDS and STD Programs speak for themselves etc.
His opening and creation of new state Universities and Higher Teacher’s Training Colleges in Maroua and Bambili supports his development goals with the intension of seeing most Cameroonians Educated.
The varied Hydro electricity projects going on in the Country like the Maeme-vela, Lom-pangar and others show, his good intended plans to keep Cameroon electrified and power guaranteed by 2035.
For these 30 years, Mr Biya has been able to arrest unemployment, through the liberalization of the private sector, promoting private initiatives and entrepreneurship. Operation 25 thousand youth recruitment into the Public service in 2011 affirms the fact that Mr Biya has plans for no Cameroonian to be seen Unemployed by 2035.
Through subsidies and subventions to private operators, Mr Biya has been able to progressively boast the economic growth ratio of the Country.
And finally for 30 years, the Head of State President Paul Biya has reached and contracted many international deals with foreign partner countries that make Cameroon very much significant and advanced than most African Countries.
Fellow readers, all the above listed achievements of the President of the Republic of Cameroon, confirm the fact that Mr Biya is Divine Sent as such is Messianic “Mr Biya remains the Same Today, tomorrow and for ever” it is on this note that I conclude without prejudice that to say Biya has not done and mean a lot to Cameroon and Cameroonians is just being unchristian and not giving to Caeser what belongs to Caeser.

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