Wednesday, November 21, 2012

National Credit Union Harmonization Score Board; 145 out of 200 Unions for 3 Years, Renewable Twice & Yes for Legibility

* Budding Bamccul’s President Speak out on Stakes, Challenges & Prospects * “Rescue Members interest by Voting the Winning Option” * “3 Years Renewable Twice & the Yes Option Remains STANDARD” These, the Chief Pilot of the Budding Bambui Cooperative Credit Union a Finance Manager par excellence observed after monitoring and observing sincerely the high level committedness of most of her colleagues President of other Credit Unions counting today over 145 and above not wanting to see the monies of their members wasted unnecessarily for holding countless meetings on resolving a crises which does not exist at all, engineered by selfish individual with irrational ideas and gullible thoughts inciting the Public on the outright manipulation of the law by the regime in place to stay in Power. “The big question any rational thinking mind will ask is what are they after? This same Power and position, at the mercy of every thing not so! Credit Unions today thanks to her speedy growth have been a source of envy and desire to many who for selfish interest will stand at every cost to get what so ever when ever”. “You will not deny with me the fact that just the present saga harking Unions under the Mother umbrella of all Cameroon Cooperative Credit Unions in Cameroon has cost poor members who are share holder a lot. The countless meetings organized on exorbitant budget heads are monies which should have been given to member as interest for their savings generated through out the year. “Elected official are suppose to ensure the proper management of members money, generate more interest, secure loans and recovery policy for the standard guarantee of members incomes welfare”. “Where we are, presently in the Credit Union Requires proper reasoning, tact and judiciousness in handling the matter before us, laying blames here and there for the disorder to continue will not help members or the Union’s welfare, for failing to decide well today or making the wrong Choice not following the majority, will require that all who stood in opposition and did not carry the day in the National regularization Board harmonization scrutiny in Yaounde at the level of the Ministry of Finance and Agriculture, will need to hold fresh meetings out of members expense again to observe the decisions taken by the majority. So why not just decide now and once securing members interest for them. Most Credit Unions should not be dancing Right while you chose to dance left because you have been manipulated, think twice!” “Personally I want to think that I was called to serve those who elected me to manage Bambui Cooperative Credit Union not to help run down their income, interest and monies for unnecessary problem resolution. Those complaining are they best or perfect, to air is human forgiveness is Divine, what we have as an engagement is guiding members to make or take the right decision. Over 145 out of the 200 Credit Unions Existing in Cameroon has voted for three years renewable Twice on the subject on mandate and Yes for Legibility. Why then should other Unions not see reason to vote overwhelmingly for those options? We of the Bambui Cooperative as intelligent as we are I hope can not make the error and spare the chance of being final in our own decisive encounter”. Bamccul on this their own day strongly stand for 3 Years renewable Twice and a Big Yes for legibility. Coined from an Exclusive Tete-a-Tete with Bamccul’s President Tamukong Roland.

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