Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bertin Kisob author of the News about his Death! Cameroonians must be Ware

The News about the death of Bertin Kisob President of the Cameroon Party for Social Justice that sprang wild over the Region and nationally has quikly been dispelled by a call directed to the said Kisob who answered alive and admitted being author of the news.
Varyingly, many when caught up by the news were of the opinion that the regime in place may be responsible for his death since he has always been a threat to them given his youthfulness and the varied devices he has been using to tupple their government with the aid of Boko Harams.
This Reporter ,witness to a last encounter and his last episod with the regime that granted him bail, quikly dispelled the atttribution of his death to government amongst colleague, only for a phone call to confirm that he is not death this morning 3rd Dec 2014.
The North West Administration quite aware of the situation are embarrassed of the Party Chairman’s action.

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