Monday, December 15, 2014

“Montoh Mbeuh” Dr John David Arnold US Humanitarian on Stock Taking in Cameroon *Meets UBa for an MOU with PIMA Community College *Assesses 2012 Loan Scheme, Installs New BOD & Visits Financed Projects *Reveals Campaign action Plans & Intensions against Ebola in West Africa

Varyingly are the major axes that summarily details the four days charged program of “Montoh Mbeuh” Dr Arnolds visits to Cameroon making it for the third time with the benediction of his mother organization cum Foundation which has torched many lives and impacted several courses for change for well over 47 years in America, Arizona Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria and West Africa in general.
Her and his action that is the Foundation (Portable Practical Educational Preparation Inc) whose primal goal is building a common future for all, has a wide range of activities that redefines standards in practical and vocational training, promotion of organic farming for healthy leaving, provision of sound education to the needy, environmental protection, promotion of cultural heritages and values, twinning, above all going beyond tribal and boundary lines to torch the lives of the needy socially through the conservation of natural resources and great forest reserves which are subjected to the adverse effects of man.
To ride home, the Legendary Icon “Montoh Mbeuh” Dr Arnold has done a lot for his Country and Cameroon in particular. On a first visit to Cameroon in 2011 crowned son of the Bambui Palace, the of service to humanity great figure who is code named by the Bambui people as social actor number one, donated corn mills to the expectant villagers, accorded them a loan scheme to promote basic and organic farming which by extension is helping to improve health, promote good standards, fight poverty and at the same time saving nature.
Three years after, Dr John David Arnold comes back for stock taking, reassessment and evaluation of project reports and activities of the taking care committees.
At the (BAWA) Bambui Water Authority office on the 15th of December 2014 where the stock taking exercise played host, Dr Arnold was hilariously welcomed by benefactors of the scheme and board members of the loan taking care committee headed by Bisah Charles, the village Council Chairman Ache Andrew, Angafor Valentine in the presence of the King of Bambui HRH Angafor II.
Stock taking meeting       
In the meeting, after the reading of the agenda and a welcome address that recognized the supreme gestures of Dr Arnold extending abundant gratitude to Foundation, Valentine Angafor for the BOD presented a statement of account which scored that since 2012 that the loan was created, she has granted financial assistance to twenty three farming groups, to the tune of 7.955.000, of this amount, 4.110.000 fcfa has been recovered representing 64% of the total amount due. On the other hand, he reiterated that an amount of 2.705.000 fcfa is not mature for repayment while the sum of 1.185.000 fcfa represents sums due but not yet paid.
Stressing further, he enumerated some of the major problems affecting the smooth running of the loan scheme which ranged from poor studies of projects, inability of prompt and timely repayments of loans, lack of permanent paid staff to do proper follow up and recovery, lack of proper education, community involvement, absence of business plans or collaterals, the need for training with the added opinions of Phillipe Ntehboh, Ma Ngonengue, Azuni Alfred who actively participated.
The Village Council Chairman and the Fon on their part scolding the practice of absenting from meetings assured “Montoh” that the outstanding loans will be recovered at all cost and accorded only to reliable loaners so that the scheme can be sustained. Also to that effect, monthly reports shall be sent to the Foundation.
On a sincere appeal, Ndifor Augustine new board chair pleaded on Dr Arnold to help link up the scheme with other model and exemplary loan schemes in Ghana and Nigeria so that their baby scheme can borrow expertise to better functions.
Dr Arnold reacting interposingly appraised the efforts of the BOD, cautioning them to review their actions and activities stating some of the terms guiding proper management of a loan scheme sitting major examples. By extension, he dished out a lesson on how Mother Nature that is the soil, the sea, the earth, the forest functions and what we must each do to sustain natural norms of nature, by not felling trees out rightly and not burning the soil. He also disclosed the foundations plans to embark on a massive campaign against the Ebola Virus in West Africa.
To end the ceremony with the installation of a newly put in place BOD headed by Augustine Ndifor, Assisted by Ma Ntooh Prudencia, with Toni Sebastian as Sectary, Angafor Valentine as accountant, Tobby the communication officer, field supervisors, Brigete Akemse, Gideon Atia, Paul Akaba, Mildred Mengie etc.
Later during the Day “Montoh Mbeuh” had the privilege of visiting the King of Bambui’s Fish Pond at Filieh, Azuni Alfred’s Tomatoes farm and Ache Andrews plantain plantation all financed projects by the loan scheme.
Moves to twin University of Bamenda, Buea, Business College & PPEP.Inc, PIMA community College Tucson Arizona USA Accomplished
Prior to the stock taking and evaluation exercise of the Bambui loan scheme, Dr John Arnold the Executive Director of PPEP Inc Foundation was granted an executive audience at the University of Bamenda with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ndashaco seating for the Vice-Chancellor Prof Tafah Edokat, who expressed worm words of welcome to Dr Arrnold  for his third coming to the University and embraced in great satisfaction the idea of the University of Bamenda signing a memorandum of understanding with the PPEP.Inc, PIMA Community College in Tucscon Arizona when he made known the intention that the exercise will boast and promote vocational training, why not practical education through vegan farming.
Through the MOU actions will be corroborated by the two Universities to exchange skills and learning methodologies. Studies by correspondence and even scholarships will be awarded at the same time enabling students to exchange cultural values and heritage.
 Dr Arnold & Newly Installed BOD
Family Picture with Groups at the Stock Taking Ceremony

Dr Arnold & Dance Group

Dr Arnold & Prof Ndashaco of the University of Bamenda after Executive Discuss on how an MoA will be established with PIMA Community College Arizona

Dr Arnold & King of Bambui at his Fish Pond Project funded by Loan Scheme

Bee Hives part of the Project

Dr Arnold & King of Bambui at Alfred's Tomatoes Farm Loan Scheme project

Dr Arnold crossing to Project areas

Dr Arnold Resting after a days walk

Dr Arnold at Ache's Plantains Plantation

Inside the Plantation

Dr Arnold celebrates success story with dance groups


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  2. "Building a Common Future for All"... An impressive vision! Thank you Dr Arnold and PPEP.

  3. Since 1967 PPEP's and Dr. Arnold's vision and mission remain unchanged, "To improve the quality of rural life."

  4. Since 1967 PPEP's and Dr. Arnold's vision and mission remain unchanged, "To improve the quality of rural life."