Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rosicrucian Ritual Act Uncovered in PCC at 47th Synod?

Has and was the subject of discussion at the 47th synod elective session
amongst  members of the Presbyterian order in Cameroon playing host at the Bamenda Church center Hall on the 25th of November 2014 raising many eye brows and rendering many a Christian perplex at the mention or the identification within church marriage rites of the PCC certain signs similar to that exercised in certain occult practices of the Rose Sur Croix. This greeting sign of the PCC during marriage encounters similar to that exercised and performed under the AMORC order was brought under scrutiny at the synod, and there was urgent need for it to be reviewed so that it does not bring conflict with esoteric practitioners or later misinterpreted by misguided individuals to run down the reputation of the church for selfish interest.
Besides the controversial marriage encounter greetings signs, the synod that was chaired by the out going moderator, Rt.Rev.Dr Asana Festus equally resolved that a PCC Education Fund be created to especially take care of the Cameroon Christian University CCU. In this light, each PCC Christian is to be taxed 2000FCFA annually for the Education Fund.
The Pro-Chancellor of CCU Dorothy Njeuma who threw more light on the education fund explained that the 2000 FRS education fund is separate from other church contributions Christians make. She regretted that although the PCC is a big institution, most of its educational institutions are ramshackle. Njeuma said the 3rd floor building at the permanent site of the CCU in Bali has already kick started “and we desperately need money to complete the first floor and put in use this January 2015” she said the University needs enough funds to recruit permanent staff and put in place infrastructures.
Observing that 2000FCFA per Christian is the minimum amount a Christian can give annually, the outgoing moderator said the PCC counts about 33 secondary schools and most of them are struggling because of the lack of funds. Above all it was also resolved that PCC Radio, Christian broadcasting service, be set up in Bamenda and a new Presbytery opened in upper Bakossi.


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