Saturday, December 27, 2014

Business & Dev’t News: Bayo Adekunle Proprietor Optimistic Business College Receives three Grand Honours from Cameroonian Giant Institution

2014 Prosperity Icons Award from World Echoes Newspaper

Golden Award of Excellence from H.R Cameroon Peace Movement

Achievers Award from The African Dream Network
The first a Prestigious Global Press Award of Excellence dubbed 2014 Prosperity Icons Award from World Echoes Newspaper read nationally and internationally honouring Optimistic Business College as the Best Business College of the Year in Cameroon, the second an Achievers’ Award of Excellence from the African Dream Network, recognizing Optimistic Bayo Adekunle proprietor of College as an outstanding contributor in the promotion of professional Education in Cameroon and the third, a 2014 Golden Award of Excellence from the Cameroon Peace movement a Human Rights Organization accrediting Optimistic Bayo Adekunle with the first class Vocational Training and Higher Education promoter in Cameroon Honour.
All these attributions to Optimistic Business College in the year 2014 are for her outstanding performance in National Exams Scoring 100% in all options, performance in the domain of professional and vocational training through out the year in Cameroon.
Last year holds the institute and proprietor of the youngest but dynamic and very pragmatic professional Business College in Cameroon in great records and high esteem for quality service, industriousness and flexible academic orientation to boast entrepreneurship and private ventures in the country.
Optimistic Bayo from Nigeria, a no new name in the sector of Business management and administration is in Cameroon to relate changing times with changing frequencies to meet the goals of an emerging economy in the business sector as prescribed by the Head of State President Paul Biya.
With the help of Optimistic Business College, Cameroon will emerge by 2035 that is why the institute has decided to offer Cameroonians hundreds of free scholarship trainings in Micro Finance Management, loan and risk management, insurance, transport and logistic, information technology and computerized accounting not leaving out global orientations to sound education that meet industrial needs.
Optimistic Business College is situated and located in the North West Regional Camtel office beside Bamenda Congress hall second floor with branches all over Cameroon’s ten Regions


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