Tuesday, July 4, 2017

After Sanctioning Nigerian Bishops: Pope Francis to Punish Cameroon Bishops for Making Mockery of the Church

Ø  For their Embarrassing Appearance in Court, the Mystery/Drama Surrounding Bishop’s Death, and  Authority of Church Leaders Put to Question? Etc.
In lines and rolls recently, several incidents and happenings in Cameroon’s history during the course of the teachers and the common law lawyers strike, has come to greatly expose the emptiness of most Cameroonian high placed Catholic Church leaders and some of its priests.
According to the Roman Catholic dogma or tradition or routine that we all know, share and hold to high esteem;
-The Church in time of crisis always mediate and take control of the situation to preach peace love and unity at the same time evangelizing for the edification of mankind or humanity,
-Church leaders or authorities should not be part or vectors/authors of any crisis situation,
-They shall only preach peace, spread the gospel in strict consonance with what his Holiness the Pope believes strongly in,
-The Authority of Church leaders must be respected by all class of men and most especially the Priests who owe a duty to respect the Bishops, the Cardinals and his Holiness,
-These Men of God are never wrong and most highly protected by God Almighty than men,
-God is the Final judge and there is nothing like unexpected death,
-One of its Commandment asks for forgiveness and emphasis is even laid on it, forgive 99 times,
-Church doors are open to everybody without exception, most especially those who are bad,
-Church Leaders require less protection from Human mortals than God,
-They, the Church also believe strongly in the dictum that God has the Final say and is the only person to judge.
Contrary to these observation and the strict respect of these position statements, call it dogma or guiding principles of the church, some Church leaders through out the Anglophone Crisis and the mystery surrounding the death of Bafia’s Bishop have “faffed” completely in all their actions, resolutions and decision.
It is surprising that the church we all seek refuge in times of trouble, is now most exposed than a market square or Carrefour. What this reporter mean here, is that it is surprising and embarrassing to hear or come to know of several Men of God highly anointed dying mysteriously. Not only that the number of recorded deaths in a year calls for concern, and drives home a lot of questions about the credibility of these our said Men of God who are supposed to live holy lives and die honestly.
The Anglophone crisis and a series of events rocking the political history of Cameroon have exposed a lot of mess about the church and its leaders. It is not heard of or common placed that a Bishop should appear in court for holding the faith of children’s education, not to talk of taking position in times of crisis and worst of it all a Priest or some Priest join hands in compatriot challenging the decisions and resolution of an umbrella structure for the Bishops meaning the church. This, the church has to strongly review? We are here talking of SCNC Rev. Fathers, the SDF and CPDM made Bishops.
Not to belabor that point, the mysterious death of Bishop Jean Marie of Bafia after leaving many tongues wagging in consternation and leaving Christians with unanswered question worsened by speculative and manipulated reports, the Church in that confused state or situation has wandered in to committing grievous and why not unpardonable errors which are fast calling on the attention of the Pope.
Out of anger the Bishops in their last emergency extra ordinary session according to their resolution questioned the state for not guaranteeing their security, asked for proper investigation to be carried out to fish out those who killed the Bishop, they/he or she should be tried and punished according to the law.
A sound minds, just as others questioned and quoted Elizabeth Teke in her Gospel track titled “Jesus is my security nobody can temper” so where is their God? And the surprise is high placed men of God require the security of human mortals when their God is still alive? To say authors of the mysterious murder of the Bishop should face the law, means the Bishop died an unexpected death, which our churches are always strongly against that is why the act of conducting findings to know why somebody is death is highly discouraged as it may provoke or cause another situation. On law and justice to take its course, God has the final say and is the supreme judge, is it not also questionable about the Bishops when they know of final judgment and not earthly arrangements? Has the culprits even been forgiven 99 times? And what if the investigation ends up proving that the Bishop was killed by other Bishop through hired assassins will that not spark more confusion in the church?
It is high time church leaders in Cameroon should review their ways, high placed authorities and anointed servants of God as we expect should not be operating in dispersed ranks, they should not die mysteriously for findings to be open on the cause of their death. The church should not meddle or dabble with politics or rebellious activities. Guided with the spirit, all their actions and decision should come from the backdrop of all what his Holiness the Pope preaches and what God has to say.            

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