Tuesday, July 4, 2017

On Current Anglophone Crisis: Rt.Hon.Senator Achidi Achu after Disclaiming False Media Propagation & Blackmail, Embarks on Man Hunt

Reacting to a staged managed and cooked up press report insinuating in a Bamenda based newspaper Published on June 1st 2017 in its edition number 111, on the back and front pages with caption (“NW and SW are Almost Becoming Independent”- Senator Achidi Achu) highly reviewed and is currently used as a reference document stating that a senior state’s man of his person is supporting the southern Cameroon struggle, H.E, the Rt.Hon. Senator Simon Achidi Achu in strong term, with his last energy condemned the blackmail act in a strongly worded disclaimer dated the 12th of June 2017.
To him it is a manipulated attempt and a smear media campaign cooked up by his detractors and enemies to run down his hard earned personality. The paid media report or propagation to him has no connection with the interview he has been granting to several journalists at his rock farm experimental ground.
“Hear Pa I have been granting interviews to journalists about the rock farm and the rich potentials of mother earth and not on the southern Cameroon struggle or the Anglophone crisis. I have never made an utterance on it, rather we, amongst my other colleagues Senators, have been doing all in our best to help and assist government in looking for long lasting solution to the plight of our brothers. To say that I am supporting the course or that I am part of the movement is libelous. I cannot as a senior state’s Man who has spend all his live in government preaching and championing the crusade for peace and national unity, be in support that children’s future be sacrificed for what ever reason or back abominable acts of terrorism and secession which is responsible for the burning of schools and destruction of  properties. The fatherland we all hold to high esteem should be for one and everybody, living like brothers and sisters, being each and every ones keeper, while being of great service to the nation.”
This, his Excellency the right Honourable Senator Simon Achidi recounted on phone to this reporter in reaction to the false media report which is now making news negatively on his person around the country. He reiterated that I, “Pa Achidi at my age should be known or associated to positive things and statements not acts or actions that will breed contempt or disorder. The young man who has been hired to do what he did and my enemies are making use of to raise false alarm will not have it easy in my hands as I keep on entrusting the matter in the hands of the Lord”.
The newspaper report which to him is satanic and diabolic has nothing to do with him or should be linked to him a child of God who has never nursed vengeance or plotted evil from his childhood days till date.
Lamenting on the act full of lies highly classified the right Honourable Senator is contemplating sending his lawyers and the security after the said journalist/promoters and propagator of the false alarm.
As we report, the Senator is currently receiving or seeking counsel from his lawyers about the damaging media report and at the same time sends words of serious warning to whosoever is toiling around with the said newspaper blackmailing him. 
According to him a peace and a loving nation like Cameroon, rich in her cultural heritage, united in diversity, cannot be founded or belt on lies telling. As a patriot, hear him, “I Stand for Peace, Love and unity, Cameroon remain one and indivisible and so shall it be”.  
Career Profile of Pa Achidi
Pa” Simon Achidi Achu (born 5 September 1932) is a Cameroonian politician who served as the Prime Minister of Cameroon from 1992 to 1996. Achu grew up in Santa in the Northwest Province of Cameroon. He completed primary education in Santa and then continued to Cameroon Protestant College, where he remained until completing high school. Pa Achu later continued to the University of Yaoundé, where he participated in the creation of the Student Association, which still exists. He also served as the association’s first president. He continued his studies in Marseille, France. On July 3, 1972, he was appointed Minister of Justice by Cameroonian President Ahmadou Ahidjo, and he continued in this position until 1975. Pa Simon then returned to Santa and started the “Rock Farm” Ranch as a farmer. He stayed out of politics for several years, then he was elected as a member of the National Assembly. President Paul Biya later appointed him as Prime Minister on 9 April 1992, following the March 1992 parliamentary election. He was the first Anglophone Prime Minister of Cameroon and remained Prime Minister until 19 September 1996. Achu is a member of the Central Committee of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM). He was also a member of the National Commission for the coordination of Biya’s election campaign in the 2004 presidential election and was the president of the campaign’s support and follow up committee in the Northwest Province. He has also headed the discipline commission of the CPDM. During the campaign for the July 2007 parliamentary and municipal elections, Pa Achidi was a member of the CPDM’s Central Campaign Committee; he was also President of the CPDM Provincial Campaign Committee in the Northwest Province. Pa, in Cameroon in a summation is a great Icon who has held several post of responsibilities, has proven, his worth, strength and honesty. The simple fact that Pa Achidi Simon has never been associated or linked to any embezzlement racket in the then Cameroon days of his leadership in government and even now that he has been chairman of many state institutions (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Investment Corporation) makes him a model leader for life. North West Fons and a good number of Cameroonians of North West Extraction who studied in the then lone University of Yaounde when he was PM appreciate his indiscriminate generous and charitable hands.  A down to earth Man for the people, at the service to humanity now a Senator and Board member of the senate cannot be easily separated from his God fearing, loving, caring and fatherly attitude.

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