Saturday, July 22, 2017

Editorial: Nigerians Join Southern Cameroon Secessionists Movement

How Nigerian Acting President & American Nigeria University are Indirectly Bankrolling the Course 

With the southern Cameroon liberation struggle or Anglophone crisis reaching its crescendo since November 2016, news this early July 2017 avails and it goes by sound human interpretation and analysis that if the interim President of Southern Cameroon Ayuke Julius Tabe is the Vice-President of the American Nigerian University and a good friend to the acting President of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo, who is presently the president of the said University,. One of Nigeria’s far most richest university, it is imperatively obvious and practically possible that the rich Southern Cameroonian interim President may be having the indirect or direct financial support of President Yemi for the Southern Cameroon Liberation Movement as funds coming from his pockets are certainly funds from the university in which he is one of its board member.
His high sense knowledge in the ICT information Communication Technology world as it is well known, or gathered from his past working experience with Sonel in Cameroon as Regional Chief in Ebolowa, plus his rich career profile in the said domain as a veteran educationist, cannot easily distance him and the American University of Nigeria for having a hand technically and financially in the donation and full operation of the Southern Cameroon Broadcasting TV Network.   
Acting President Yemi and Interim President Ayuke Julius, who are long time friends cum board members and brains behind the creation of ANU, will or should assist each other in precarious moments. Like the one his bosom friend Julius is faced with or called to task to accomplish.
Being under the cover of the Acting Nigerian President, Julius Tabe the Interim President of Southern Cameroon is more protected and certainly in security to carry out any operation to foster or strengthen the southern Cameroon Liberation course.
Which is certainly the reasons why amongst others adding to his huge financial resources that attracted Tassang and the rest currently living under him had to entrust to him the baton of command beyond all expectations and to the chagrin of a good number of southern Cameroonians who had been championing the liberation struggle over some 20 years back because they lack or cannot afford to sustain financially or consolidate the movement.       

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