Thursday, September 21, 2017

Editorial; “ CPDM Section Conferences in the N.W/S.W, ALL windscreen Propaganda by Eye Servant Politician” Deceiving Biya

The advent of the Anglophone crisis, call it Teachers/ common law Lawyers Strike since November 2016 has come to loosen the grip of some if not all political parties from their bases. It is now clear and obvious in these Anglophone parts of the country that you can hardly find an SDF or CPDM Party sympathizers speak out openly and proud of his party amongst youths and the common man.
As for SDF and its chieftain, Ni John Fru Ndi he has been chased severally from the political scene in Bamenda, not to talk of the wild criticism the social Media has been bombarding him with. For the CPDM, memories of last black Thursday February 8th general uproar in the North West Region against their march to drum support for the party are still fresh in the minds of its Militants and bigwigs, thus planting an everlasting fear in most of them who cannot dare or monster courage to dress in the party outfit freely.
For fear of the unknown, or been roasted or out of shame, when there is need for celebration and a call of urgency to carry out any political campaign or march, party militants carry their attires in bags and only wear them in the halls and there after it is immediately removed. Some even at the ceremonial ground avoid TV, Cameras, or snapshots for fear of being exposed and might likely lead to victimization in the quarters.
From all indication, it is therefore no lie that most CPDM militants appear at ceremonial grounds not as true militants but out of composure, pressure and why not for gombo. Others even observed “that they are bound to take up such political challenge, even if they were not listened to, for there is nothing wrong in trying” .
The big question is who is deceiving who about the empty calls for schools to resume knowing fully well that their calls are falling on decks back and knowing very well that Biya is quite aware following the existing situation or circumstance that they have been unable to convince their brothers and sisters to pipe low on the Anglophone crisis. Proof of what I am saying, all the calls have been falling on deaf ears and Biya himself is aware of some of these EYE Servants who have lost popularity not only because of the state of affairs in Anglophone Cameroon, but because of their excessive stinginess and selfishness.
Going further, let me throw back this question to our readers, can you name or point at a Fon in the N.W who can talk under the ambit of the CPDM freely other than the Fon of Nkwen Azehfor II and the people will listen without recourse?
I wish to also ask what has suddenly become of the popular CPDM several Party thank you March, to drum support for Biya? The big answer is all death because most of our CPDM Politicians are not truth worthy, sincere and honest.  The odious is also very clear with those who embraced the party for appointments, and when that is not forthcoming out of frustration, most turn to exhibit lukewarm attitude in the party, hence EYE Services are rendered by EYE SERVANT thus killing party spirit in the Grassroots.  This BIYA must know and only work with those who have staked their heads for him Like the Atanga Nji Paul, the Ghogomo Paul, Hon Njingum Musa, Fon of Nkwen Azehfor II, Ngolle Ngolle Elvis, Yang Philemon, Mayor Ekema Patrick, Chief Tabe Tando, Dion Ngute, etc…….

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