Thursday, September 21, 2017

Editorial: On the Southern Cameroon Struggle: Why Ambazonian President Tabe Julius Ayuke was Denied Audience by Queen Elizabeth II Of England

 Going by the letter of 8th September 2017 from the Queen of England’s private secretariat, the chairman of the Southern Cameroon Ambazonian consortium United Front was denied audience to discuss Cameroon.  This was in reply to a letter booking audience on the 24th of August 2017 by one Mr Bikong for Ayuke Julius Tabe.

This negative response or reaction from the private desk of the Queen’s table though normal and at the same time a scandal, has not ceased to disturb political pundits and analysts who are questioning variedly why the Queen of England quite aware of the prevalent period of civil unrest in West Cameroon call it better still Bristish Cameoon had to deny audience to the leader of the Southern Cameroon restoration movement Ayuke Julius Tabe.
To them and a good number, such a move for an audience with the Queen, would have been an opportunity for the Queen “former colonial mistress” to be briefed in details on the causes and course of the Anglophone crisis. For the Queen to have denied receiving the Delegation or creating a forum for them, it is something disheartening and sickening to most expectant Southern Cameroonians population most especially as they are just a stone throw to 1st October 2017 and would have been the appropriate quarter and time to lay their worries.
In another vein, others are of the opinion that the reaction of the Queen is in the right direction to get first the version of its foreign office, the commonwealth and the Cameroon government which is operating as a sound legal entity and a nation recognized by the United Nation.
The Queen, seeking to be briefed on the Southern Cameroon matter by the British foreign office and the Commonwealth in the opinion of this reporter and from security sources, it is to get first hand information of what is going in Southern Cameroon sincerely and without any mix up.
Going by the trend of events in Southern Cameroon, the stalemate caused by the struggle, general economic hardship, the burning of schools and personal properties,  the continues advocacy for schools to be shut down by the said leadership certainly caused the Queen for high placed security reasons to deny authorities of the said liberation struggle audience.   

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