Thursday, September 21, 2017

Surprise Military Raids & Arrests Programmed in NW/SW to Stop Anglophones from Watching Banned SCBC TV

This information, inner security sources hold that as prompt and immediate action to stop most Anglophone Cameroonians who hide in their small abbots to secretly watch the banned Southern Cameroon TV Channel dubbed SCBC with its intoxicating and manipulative reports, there is a surprised programmed raid by the military before October 1st


This action accompanies the step up security measures that are been intensified in the North West and South West to stop leaders of the Southern Cameroon Liberation movement from stirring up a rebellion in Cameroon.
The rate at which SCBC TV has been poisoning the minds of Anglophone Cameroonians  is a serious call for security concern as they always make reference to the said banned TV as the source of all the orders they are respecting daily (Ghost Towns).
To put an end to what the Cameroon government is terming as tailored terrorist Madness called a TV out to excite and manipulate innocent Cameroonians, there is but absolute need for decoders to be seized, parabolic antennas destroyed and whosever caught watching it should be arrested immediately.
It is not also surprising that the government is quite aware that since the upsurge of the said banned TV and its wild increasing popularity, there has been serious increase demand for decoders and parabolic antennas to capture the said TV Channels in the North West and South West. Sources even hold that the love for the said channel has pushed sympathizers to make available the screening in bush houses around Oyumojok. Leaders of the said movement in the Diaspora, we hear have been passing through some agents on the ground to multiply the cable network in order to win more sympathizers for the struggle.  

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