Thursday, September 21, 2017

Security Intensify in the N.W/S.W as September 4th Approaches; The Church Vows Schools Must Resume Irrespective of All the Burnings

Ø  Gov’t Speed Up Plans to Ban Schools & Institution with Doors Permanently Closed
Ø  Security Cameras, Uniform Men & Assorted in all Schools to Guarantee Safe School Reopening   


The church has reiterated its stands for schools to resume this 2017/2018 academic year after the stalemate caused by the Anglophone struggle, through the education sectary of the Catholic Church and the communication officers of the PCC, the Baptists and Islamic institutions. These calls come from the backdrop of false information running around from the social media that the church has close its door and that admissions are not currently going on due to the ceaseless burning of church institutions by vandals.
To the church, their moral responsibility and obligation is to educate while winning souls through evangelism and not to be used as a weapon, or shield for illicit manipulations. To them the church must remain neutral in every circumstance or situation and must not be used to attain what ever goal, God is for everybody.
Hear Bishop George Nkuo, Vice President of the Bamenda Provincial Episcopal Conference (BAPEC), the education of the children was the priority, and a chief mission of the Catholic Church.
According to them the smear campaign by some individuals abroad against the church when they opened their doors for admission does not only expose the fact that the struggle has been infested by radicals, it is gradually loosing focus. The church remains indifferent in all situation, in such a circumstance, why should a struggle once tagged an ordained one be a threat to God’s own house, institutions and even servants.  
The burning execution is done by children’s of Christian, parents or Christians should be each another’s keeper for what shall it pay or profit a man to encourage the burning of God’s evangelism tool in the name that the church is for schools to resume. God has the final say.
Its on that fresh note that church officials have written to the state asking for security officials to guard over state institution and properties.
The church ever committed for schools to open in September, the state with a fulfilling hand is busy strategizing on how to intensify security through armed and unarmed civilians and the planting of cameras in all schools in the Anglophone parts of the country.
While intensifying security measures ahead of school reopening, schools and institutions who have kept their doors permanently closed all this while for fear of the unknown will certainly be closed forever by government.

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