Thursday, September 21, 2017


Should October 1st 2017 come and pass futile as obvious it will be, with no independence for a southern Cameroon State as envisaged, what becomes the faith of the jailed leaders and those in the diaspora? Should schools in the two regions resume classes in January, 2018, as programmed by Southern Cameroon leaders, even though with a heavy mark of contradiction of what is currently going on in schools, what infrastructures will be in place as hired terrorists must have burnt or destroyed everything? Are they to use teachers trained in the Anglophone training institutions? The answers to these questions are hanging in the win. It is commonly accepted that you do nothing when you are angry. Like the Anglophone Scenario, how sound is it for us to place our own scrotums on a stone and crush them because we are angry? The cry coming from the wilderness is for Anglophones to stop crushing their own scrotums, because the end result gives frowns on no other faces but ours. The mouths that will open wide to cry will be ours, not those of the francophones, even though when your brother feels some pains, you might to some degree suffer with him, but he suffers most. I hope I am talking to some people who will listen without a bias to think that I am out un-necessarily touching a bee-hive.
We are enticed by some greedy desires, misled and finally trying to be divided. This tendency of going divided as strongly advocated out of greed by some Anglophone bourgeois class in the diaspora, failed to take serious note of the water that ran down and passed under the political bridge that linked the two brothers in their struggle to build a united and prosperous nation, best of its kind in the entire Africa-Cameroon, Africa in miniature. We the innocent people back at home are today given the deceitful impression by the bourgeois class in the diaspora that United Nations is coming to reverse decisions that were concretely taken, not out of Coercion, but out of sincere love of Unity and brotherhood for a better nation of Cameroon. How rational is such an impression to be taken so serious by the Anglophones, to an extend of going mad? However, it goes that those to be destroyed by the gods, are first rendered mad. And any cricket that comes out of its hole, crying so loud, is inviting nothing but death. That is the sure case of any fly that will want to go down into a grave with a corpse.
All archives worldwide can prove to us that on the 11th February, 1961, a plebiscite was held in the Anglophone Cameroon, to confirm their sincerity to join their brothers (the Francophones) and to form a strong, single, United and indivisible entity- RE UNIFICATION. It went overwhelmingly in favour of reunification with the Francophone Cameroon who were already enjoying as a nation with her Sovereignty recognized by united Nations. The Anglophones not out of coercion unanimously agreed to move and be part of that sovereignty recognized by UNITED NATION, but on a simple understand that their dichotomy was going to be based on a federalism of two states. The Anglophone Cameroon was to remain a legal entity with all her organs, institutions, culture, legal systems, with a parliamentary system of government out rightly respected by the Union’s constitution.
In the Foumban constitutional conference, these terms were actually incorporated into the Cameroon constitution of 1961, in article 47, and was actually made impossible to unilaterally amend or destroy any part of the constitution without equally destroying the true structure of the Union between the Anglophones and Francophones. But barely five years, and that was in 1966, there was the dissolution of all political parties leaving only the Cameroon Nation Union that was Alhidjo’s party to stay. This was done and given all acceptance by all (Anglophones and francophones), with no respect for what was held by the constitution in place, and equally no protest.
We can not refuse the fact that silence, indicates consent. As Cameroonians (particularly the Anglophones) remained silent for many years, it gave room for any world body like the United Nations to conclude that they consented. Barely again after another five years, that was in the year 1972, the Foumban accord was abrogated as the Federal system was abolished. This again had no iota of protest from the people. Rather, there was usually enough jubilation each moment the constitution was abrogated. At this moment that there are complaints of dirty water in the washing basin, is it right for us to throw the water with the child? Is it the child’s fault to be in the dirty water? Finally, what does our bourgeois class in the diaspora expect of United Nations concerning situations that we deliberately could not use the wisdom that was required? Those who lack wisdom are bound to perish. For us to perish, we better go for dialogue and see how we can as a United entity, put right that which went wrong.
I have discussed with some persons with minds poisoned by the crooked notions of our bourgeois class in the diaspora, and they have placed plenty of interest on the idea that the Union between the Anglophones and francophones, had a trial period. If at all such a trial period as they claim had any sense, was there any complaint immediately the structure of the Union was tempered with? “No” is the clear answer. If we failed to complain, why should we today think that United Nations can reverse the hands of the clock and get into the game in favour of the bourgeois class in the diaspora? Our bourgeois class in the diaspora are giving the impression that they look more of watch-dogs racing behind a thief who stole many hours ago and vanished into the thin air. It is a waste of the people’s time and resources. It is more of exploitation for some persons with mark faces to benefit. That is as I see it.
There was a lot of abrogation of the principles of the Union between Anglophones and francophones. But for many years, total silence gave room for acceptance and no dust raised now should be taken seriously to be for the good of the people. There are faces behind the masks with vicious intentions that are not for the good of the Anglophone people, nor that of the francophones. Today, ignorant Anglophones are being exploited by the bourgeois class in the diaspora all in the sense that United Nations is on the way to give Anglophones a sovereign state, being a break away from the Republic of Cameroon. That is nothing but an illusion to keep Anglophones brave enough to be exploited by their own brothers. Let us all accept that United Nations has no section of its charter that can be used to split Cameroon into two, granting Sovereignty to an Anglophone state. The case of abrogation of the constitution of the Union’s agreement, if found surfacing and found irritating, can be redressed by Cameroonians in Cameroon and not the diaspora.
The truth as can be found now stands that faces behind the masks, should stop shading tears over spilt milk, but come over to face reality in Cameroon with their fellow brothers at home. Some days of recent, I went to my archive and discovered a write up on how some poor C.D.C  labourers came up with sound sums of money to support the struggle at the United Nations for a reverse to federalism in Cameroon. Too good if it were possible that United Nations can successfully handle a case like that to its victory. I see it only as a means to exploit the people. I emphatically observe that if an innocent man is cheated because of ignorance, the wise involved in the act, is punished by higher powers a hundred fold. The conscience in us should remain an open wound that only truth can cure. We should not because we need cheap popularity, present cases of the wise to the foolish and exploit them. It is sad to see brothers who are bourgeois in the diaspora floating about like butterflies, all in the name of Angels sent to savage the Anglophones. We can not get Sovereignty by flying pieces of cloth in bushes, but rather to stay United and indivisible in the Sovereignty of our great and blessed nation-Cameroon, that United Nations knows and respects. We must do all possible no where-else but in the Cameroon territory to give ourselves the required relationship that maintains our peace and unity for progress. Those heading to the United Nations, America, South Africa should stop wasting resources and let us concentrate here at home where the fight can be handled in our traditional context for our good and that of our children of tomorrow.
This long period of great storm in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon needs to be rebuked for a great calm in the interest of all. Seeing the future bleak, the great storm should now provoke a great calm from our gods of mount Cameroon and those of the hills of Bamenda. Watching sorrowfully as the days pass by and the great storm keeps menacing the peace that reigns in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, it comes my humble plea for us to seek a great calm that can confront this great, storm. The opening of schools in September 2017, is anxiously begging for our collective challenges to the spirits that want our children to remain at home. It is the size of these challenges that can determine our sincere interventions in the interest of our children’s future.

Done in Bamenda on the 13th  Day of September 2017
    Sign:Rev. Prof. Tita Samuel Fon (ph.D)
      Honorary National Chairman, Founder and Father CPP

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