Thursday, September 21, 2017

Crucial October 1st, 2017 & the Wild Wind of Change Blowing in Cameroon: What if it COMES & PASS without the Much Cherished Southern Cameroon INDEPENDENCE?

Ø  What Becomes of the Struggle? Its Leaders, All the Sacrifices and Tragic Periods of Agony its citizens were subjected to? Any head way?
Ø  And if it comes to Pass, where will serious confrontation be kept? Conflict of personal interest & Ideological differences? Will there be Lasting PEACE, UNITY & LOVE for one another?
Ø  “After all there is Nothing Wrong in Trying or Attempting and Failing” Says Great Fighters…….


These are the one Billion Dollar questions rocking the minds of most expectant Anglophone Cameroonians ahead this year’s crucial and decisive 2017 October 1st , passing through the UN Summit resolution of 22 September 2017 in the US which hopefully may be promising.  In great expectation has the mind set of these Anglophone Cameroonians been prepared by their fellow brothers championing the pro-secession crusade or movement in the Diaspora to look forward going down together and grabbing their independence in Buea this October 1st 2017 at all cost, Reasons why many are now seating prepared and waiting for that “D” DAY.
As weeks count down to days, hours to minute, and to seconds, fingers are all crossed in these Anglophone parts of Cameroon, North West and South West, Waiting to embrace that historic day/date (that is October 1st) with all hope and joy as assured by leaders of the said liberation movement headed by Ayke Julius Tabe dubbed Southern Cameroons Ambazonian Consortium United Front.
Fear also abounds in the minds of these expectant population who lay their trust in the mercy of god, that should October 1st comes and pass without the much cherished victory, they are finish completely in the hands of La Republic, which in common pingin terms they describe as “WE GO CHOP SHEAT FOR THIS COUNTRY”.

This fear or the said FEAR is almost uncontrollable amongst its leaders who have for the past months been guaranteeing Southern Cameroon independence next door to its followers and should October 1st comes and pass like any other October in this country without them delivering the goods, they will not know where to put their heads in shame? And certainly that may be the end of the road for all the hopes they have been building inside innocent, ignorant and frustrated Anglophone Cameroonians.
Not only that, confidence will be lost and they will be subjected to heavy criticisms and attacks from their people and the Cameroonian government. But should it come to pass, celebrations will only be marked by serious political confrontation, conflict of interests, person and ideology such that Peace, love and unity it self cannot be guaranteed.
As we make this insightful visionary analysis on the Anglophone Struggle, the future is still remaining undefined as it is pregnant with much doubts and uncertainties. As each and everyone in the liberation struggle in his or her own way is trying to decipher at his or her own small corner to see what the future holds.
Apparently the persistent and continues silence of the released well over 60 Anglophone Cameroonians arrested and detained as a result of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon is raising so much doubt and clouding the airs with too much suspicion of a double deal or dealing going on or underground somewhere.
Worst of it all, the division in the struggle, power tussle, and conflict of ideology is further damaging the struggle as each and every one of the leaders wants but his voice to be heard, operating in dispersed ranks nothing fruitful can be attained. Lastly, the problem of inadequate representation, gender and attacks on the church, its leaders, coupled with financial problems is spoiling the case. The multiplied call for the burning of state emblems, schools, legal tender and attacks on children is reducing the struggle to a terrorist campaign or movement before the eyes of the international community.  

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