Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cameroon; As Anglophone Struggle Enters Full Gear: Mission School Teachers to Hold Proprietors Hostage for NO Salaries after Receiving Gov’t Subvention

Ø Consortium of Parents Hold Brief with Lawyers on Plans to Floor Men of God in Next Court Appearance
Ø  As News Goes Viral On Social Media about Moderator’s Arrest for Violating Court Decorum & Exciting Christians
Ahead of the 24th June cases against Men of God by the consortium of parents in the North West and South West Region courts of 1st instance respectively, news avails very wild that teachers of mission schools at all levels are planning to hold their Church leaders/proprietors hostage, for not paying them even after receiving government subventions as reliably informed.
The consideration of not been paid and holding calm was simply because they knew the church was also hard up and was in a deep financial mess. For them to have recently received government subvention and are quiet, is a complete show of or exhibition of bad faith by the very same Christian leaders and mission school owners who know exactly what they have been going through all this while without salaries.
This matter further magnifies or relays to an urgent call two months ago which was lastly made by Teachers Trade Union leaders to proprietors of mission schools to start paying their teachers partly or expect the worst as they are in the know that before the present stalemate mission school owners had already collected about 70% of fees from parents and had hardly squandered up to 20%.
Being in the know now that subventions has been given to their church leaders/ mission schools, and they are mute about teachers salaries, the mission school teacher population are crossed to a point that, it is likely that they will start up their own strike on the mission school owners for gross inhuman treatment by this month end.
The matter as we report almost at boiling or explosion point hold hostage the air. As the vexed teacher population flair their tempers planning not only strike but extra judicial measures.
Mixed up in this dilemma, news also holds rift on social Media that the Moderator of the PCC may be arrested for violating court decorum after last appearance in the courts of the South West on the 5th of June in Buea.
Caught in this confusion, we are also reliably informed that the consortium of parents are holding brief with their lawyers to take advantage of the situation to floor church leaders in court as they least expected by now that authorities of the mission schools have not started paying teachers with all the money they have in their keeping from government and parents school fees.  
Wanders shall never end, just as government authorities or officials question the faith of effective school resumption in September, church leaders/mission school owners are gripped for poor possible enrolment next academic year and obvious closure.
Fed up with the whole situation, the sympathizers of the Anglophone struggle helpless in the face of these entire existing situations which is ruining the future of their children, with no head way, call on SCAFU and Consortium leaders or activists living their quiet and enjoyable lives abroad to come and continue with the struggle here at home like Barrister Agbor Balla, Dr Fontem, Ayah Paul, Mancho Bibixxy and others in jail or stop manipulating the population from outside for their selfish end.
All these encounters are happening with the mass presence of troops for security in the North West and South West while “Ghost Towns” are not helping the situation.  Rather it is impoverishing the common man as government go about its activities unperturbed. Proof of, all the calls for boycotts of GCE Exams has fallen on deaf ears as the practical part past and government is done with the written part.
The GCE examination this year had as guest of special honour the Ministers of Basic and secondary education assigned by the head of state President Paul Biya on special mission to ensure smooth GCE Exams in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

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