Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cameroon Anglophone Crisis & CONFUSION in the Struggle: Appointment of S. Cameroon Interim President (Ayuke Julius Tabe), Compounds Barrister Agbor Balla, Dr. Fontem & Others Case

Ø  Government Forced to Move Barr. Agbor Balla & Dr Fontem Neba to a Solitary Confinement
Ø  Ayah Paul in Desperation Laments in Agony Trying Situation
Ø  For Fear of Wrapping Up in Business, Mission Schools Open Admissions for 2017/2018 Academic Year amidts Threats
Ø  Out of Frustration & Lost Grip in the Struggle, SDF MPs Call for a National Dialogue and Reconciliation Forum
Ø  Wirba the Tagged “Maquisard”, Continue with Rebellious Crusade for Federation
Ø  Calls Increase for Change of Strategy while Schools are on
Ø  Nigeria Acting President & American Nigeria University Charged for Bankrolling the Struggle
Ø  While Self Seeking Anglophone in the Diaspora Battle with Young Overzealous Social Media Activists on How to Strengthen the Course
Ø  Leadership Squabble Tear Movement and Liberation Struggle Apart
“All these developments are only contributing factor to the final Death sentence and Life Imprisonment of Anglophone Cameroonians in jail by the Mfoundi Military Tribunal”
The obvious is now very clear and the audile should not be doubted as mission schools open their doors for the next 2017/2018 academic year.
With Mission schools reopening, that might be end of the road to the Anglophone struggle and the great liberation movement.
For it will now be crystal clear that Consortium leaders standing trial for acts of rebellion and terrorism orchestrated during the 2016/2017 teachers and lawyers strike in the North West and South West Region of Cameroon, will stand harsh court trial and possible hard jail sentence.
This can be diagnosed from the strength of the matter before the military court in Yaounde and the series of adjournments. To tell Anglophone Cameroonians that acts of that magnitude and capital to the social welfare of the State cannot be let gone easily as every one thinks (that is amnesty should be granted to all in jail unconditionally for frank dialogue to continue).
Proof of what this Reporter is saying, reports were rift and expectations high that the last, but one appearance of the consortium leaders in court will grant them conditional bail. But the contrary came to pass, even at a moment when Dr. Fontem Neba and Barrister Agbor Balla were ready for a conditional bail with their lead Counsel Barrister Ben Muna.
Rather the examining magistrate to prove that they don’t work on pressure or influence from where ever, ceased that opportunity in the confusion that rocked or clouded the air to indirectly rule over the case. I quote from the CRTV 7;30 pm news report “the examining magistrate has denied bail to the parties concern that they will stand trials till the end of the case because the crimes committed amounts to death penalty and life imprisonment or jail sentence”.
This note sounds clearly that judgment was indirectly passed and there is just no other pressure that can be mounted for the consortium leaders to be freed.
It is also very clear that the military court is not a civil administrative court and does not act or operate based on conditional pressure from where ever, not to talk of social media influence a forum whose views are hardly considered.
The system, a purely Presidential one, which we all know is ruled and governed by laws that safeguard the social welfare of the state and the regime in place. So anybody talking of secession, federalism and no to schools will certainly be baptized a terrorist and brought to books. A common saying holds it clear that “a child, who will not let the mother sleep, shall not also sleep”.
The advent of mission schools reopening kills all hopes for those in jail and the expectant Anglophone population who greatly await the release of their leaders. Because government will no longer be put to task and will go at its pace since there are no longer stakes involved in the negotiation deal.
Worst of all actions taken, by Anglophone Cameroonians in the Diaspora to strengthen the struggle, is the appointment of an interim President of the Southern Cameroon Nationhood in the person of Ayuke Julius Tabe.
The news celebrated by most Southern Cameroonian patriots, does not only shock the regime, but takes them aback and in clear terms means that Anglophone Cameroonians in the diaspora mean real business. In such a situation it is obvious now that government has every reason to fasten its belts or expect the worst. The hasty plans of appointing an interim leader to the Southern Cameroon nationhood after proprietors of mission schools resolved to open their doors for admission has only come not to help the situation at hand but, to grossly worsen the case of the Anglophone leaders in jails as government will see no reason to grant them amnesty.  News even avails that amnesty can only be granted to those who show remorse caught in the web, but the consortium leaders sure of the drummed support by their followers have never shown any iota of remorse.
Not only that, Wirba’s staged back coup in parliament and continues rebellious crusade for a two state federation is not giving government peace couple with the countless meeting the leaders of the Liberation movement are holding with international bodies. As they look for the obvious ways on how to content and contain his actions which is not only exciting the population but is a threat to peace and stability in the North West and South West of Cameroon. The excesses of his heroic actions dough celebrated, it is not helping the case of the consortium leaders in jail nor is it even pleasing to the SDF party leadership who has suddenly lost grip or hold of his actions which is making him more popular than any other SDF Member of Parliament or militant.
Developments now hold it very clear that the Cameroonian political play ground is very slippery, as no one can tell exactly what can be obtained in the next minutes ahead. Just as charlatans have taken the lead, self seeking hypocrites have taken advantage to go poisoning the minds of desperate youth and ignorant minority, while thieving officials continue with their “masquarad” to maintain grip or hold power. As its Supreme Lord or Grand Master show to the world how dexterous and charismatic he is in conflict management and manipulation.  

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