Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Biya Called to Stop Mov’t of UBa’s Chancellery to Bamendankwe

By the Fons of the Four Villages that make up Tubah Sub-Division (Bambili, Bambui, Kedjem Keku , Kedjem Ketingoh) and some student movement Unionist dubbed student for Unity peace and against decentralization of UBa. The calls were made to the SDO of Mezam Nguelle Nguelle Felix on the occasion of his contact tour Visit to the four respective villages since the 17 of January 2013 where he was asked most especially to withdraw the controversial prefectoral order num 03PO\E.29\712\S2 of 8 January 2001 permitting the constitution of a commission to look for a site for the Building of a Chancellery for the University of Bamenda and the Vice Chancellor’s residence 20 km from the main campus, that President Paul Biya should also come to their aid because more than enough land has been allocated. That for the Chancellery to be carried to Bamendakwe would have meant violation of Biya decision creating the University of Bamenda with seat in Bambili Tubah. The Student unionist (student for Unity peace and against decentralization of UBa) on their part on a track dating 15 January 2013 signed, say no and condemn very strongly the Prefectoral order of 8 January 2013, say no to the movement of the University of Bamenda Chancellery 20 km away from the main seat with more than enough land allocated by the villagers, say no to the Vice Chancellors moves to partition UBa, say no to the manipulation of the Minister of Higehr Education by Parliamentarians and Delegate, say no to corrupt practices in UBa, say no to the movement of any faculty of the University, say no to the over influence of some elite in University management, say no to cultic practices around the University, no to over centralization of University management and the sexual exploitation of students, above all if these worries are not arrest as soon as possible the streets will be their next option.

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