Monday, January 14, 2013

PPEP INC Donates Five Corn Mills, Credit Scheme to Bambui

This was on the occasion of PPEP INC CEO Dr “Mo’ontoh” John David Arnold’s second visit to Cameroon, first in July 2012 and now in December 16,17 2012 to inaugurate two out of the five low cost diesel run corn mill food health sustained development scheme or project. The largesse from PPEP INC Business Micro credit scheme is intended to arrest the strenuous practice in Bambui community women going long distances for grinding corn mills at cut throat prizes and being subjected at times to power failures. The diesel run low cost corn mill is intended to be, serve affordably and ably the needs of the Bambui woman when it comes to grinding and cooking “fufu Corn” for the family and traditional ceremonies hence food is assured, time saved, and some pennies secured for other daily transactions. This program falls under the world wide good health food sustaining program carried out by PPEP INC International on humanitarian mission to Africa most especially to better lives and eating habits through common initiative groups. Thanks to this program Bambui community through PPEP INC’s Business Micro credit scheme benefits five low cost diesel run corn mills. Dr John Arnold privileged to inaugurate the first two corn mills at Masoba and Macha Quarters in Bambui respectively was crowned grand prince in the Palace which gives him the title “mo’ontoh” This honor accorded PPEP INC’s CEO is to extend the Bambui Man’s gratitude to the Foundation through her founder. Speaking at the grand colored and heavily attended occasion at the Bambui Palace esplanade, Dr David John Arnold expressed feelings of over whelm joy, honor and trust to the Bambui Community for making appropriate use of the funds put at their disposal by PPEP INC, he said the great visions of the Foundation which was to reach out to many as possible people in the world is coming to pass. He stressed that living in good health now is very paramount and that what you eat is what makes you to become, as such, PPEP INC’s support in the domain of food is to sustain standards through means of food preparation at low cost always available and at the reach of every Bambui woman in need, not leaving out education on diabetics. He also pleaded on the proper handling of the corn mills while promising to sources for funds from Tree of Life in the US to enable the Tubah Population have a Good Health Community Radio meant purely for health talks, agriculture, natural resource management, culture and environmental protection run on community lines and voluntary basis. Stating also that there are a four opened scholarship opportunity for Agric practitioner offered by the Foundation for a one year Master’s program in Vegan farming. His Royal highness the Fon of Bambui Angafor the III Speaking at the occasion described Dr Arnold an Angel in Human skin for the charitable support to his people. Praying God Almighty to continue giving him the strength, the Fon Promised the Bambui Man’s unalloyed support to Dr Arnold and his Foundation. By Tamukong Roland Angong in Cameroon

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