Tuesday, January 22, 2013

End of Road for CPDM; As Fru Ndi Armpits New Fon Gah Nyamyi III oF Balikumbat, Takes CPDM Bigwigs Aback at Fon’s Celebration

Because the pressure that appeared at the ceremonial ground and back in the palace on the occasion of the celebration of the life and the death of his father Doh Gah Gwanyin III was too much load for the young promising Fon to carry. Not being very too use to intrigues, like the father, the expectant crowd surrounding the high officials before the front perch of the Palace where the New Fon stood High jacked by Fru Ndi and his 50 man Delegation expressed fear and sympathy for the new Fon who could neither move, nor reject or dare walk away from Fru Ndi, was subjected to keep his fellow colleagues the Fons , the Central committee Delegation, the Administration and CPDM Bigwigs here waiting for over 50 minute while he attended to Almighty John Ntarikon and SDF Officials. Hear Fru Ndi “it is unfortunate that I was not given room to speak, for fear that I would hammer on many issues affecting the Region, like the issue of gun firing which has been stopped, the act is a complete bridge of North West Culture and tradition. I came because you personally invited me, let those your CPDM people not think that this is a one party affair, we are here to celebrate the life and death of your father, and would have loved to seek reconciliation with the Palace and grant you all the blessing and support it takes to accompany you in your daunting task reasons why I came with this population to show the Balikumbat People how much we have them at heart”. From these carrying messages from the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, Fon Doh Gah Nyamyi III held at spell bound accompanied Fru Ndi to the reception Ground and kept him company until he left before attending to the rest, watched most especially with disdainful eyes by the so called CPDM Bigwig elite frowning at the humiliation to the happiness of Barrister Kemende, Sidiki and Dr Lecigah who scored the shot and stole the show from the CPDM with high expectations. . This is a placid and a vivid indication of the fact that the Fon, dough of the regime and born of CPDM is contemplating fusing in some SDF blood in and amongst his people. The occasion was some sort of a ceremony where power, might, strength and influence were measured for it was a ceremony for SDF bigwigs like Barrister Kemende, Sidiki and Dr Lecigah to through Fru Ndi’s presence make Balikumbat people know that Fon Doh’s death marks the end of CPDM dominance and tyranny rule. Reasons why Hon Njong Evaristerus told off and ridiculed his colleague able Parliamentarian of the CPDM Balikumbat special Constituency Hon Banmi who attempted addressing his National chair without any respect. SDF militants left the scene shoulders high as the presence of the National Chairman high jacked the death celebration of Fon Doh from start to end to the annoyance of CPDM Big guns who are even charged for poor organization of the ceremony. Hear some Fons at the occasion “with this kind of Fru Ndi’s influence, we fear what our new Fon will subsequently be subjected to. The pressure from what we are noticing here will be too much for him to bear, but we are always there to advise him”. Other schools or shade of pinion holds that the CPDM is deeply enshrine in the strings and arteries of the Balikumbat people, so it will be difficult for Fru Ndi to Dismantle what Fon Doh had put together before dying. SDF die hearts hold since the people pay too much loyalty and allegiance to their Fon, where he belongs automatically carry the people to, so their first target is the Fon, which is already yielding fruits and next will be the people. Generally the celebration enters deep the annals of Cameroon’s Political and Traditional History as one regrouping almost all Fons of the North West Region, a personal representative of the Head of State and the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front Ni John Fru Ndi.

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