Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mbombo Abel Chenyi our Model Mayor of the Month

Barely two Months on top of the Ndop Council seat, Mbombo Abel the Interim Mayor for the Ndop Council at almost stagnation point, has been able to put her back on her heels, and gradually through steady means the Council is flying back to the apex as was the case in the glorious days of Mayor, Tabali Bernard and Saanchong Richard. It should be recalled and not to the surprise of many that this financial expert and chartered Accountant by profession born of trainings in Britain and the united state of America loaded with skills from banking and finance would give just the best and is making news, history in council management all over the Region. This is through the logical and transparent practical and why not the most flexible management style instituted through daily accountable tendencies and the realistic flow of transactions backed by dialogue and understanding. It is only given to few who are blessed abundantly by Divine Grace to make and mare at their discretion. Mayor Mbombo Abel is a self made and established man of faith even before appointment as Mayor imbued with unique qualities to always exact and achieve. Entrusting his entire and whole life to the church, the good Lord that he serves, has never spared any given opportunity to always and keep blessing him with God’s endless abundance and finalities thus enabling him to keep swimming in the alorious milk of Divine Domination to the envy and chagrin of many. God’s endless mercies to his life lift him up above all natural circumstances and predicaments. This did not come by chance, but by his interconnected interaction and transaction with the ever good Lord Almighty that we all serve. Making absolute use of his precious time, Mayor Mbombo grew up to always make, invent, create and build according to Divine tendency. So much cherishable about him, is the forgiving heart he posses, the ever shouting smile he projects from his ever welcoming look and because of these, countless praises are always directed to him on daily bases from the good handy God fearing works that comes from his Gracious hands.. with God by and with Mayor Mbombo, hopes are assured to infinity, that Ndop Council is on the right track, moving on a salient course to move mountains at every second or minute. This is reflected exemplary in the clean and the most organized way he handled this year’s Divisional Agic Pastoral show in his constituency. This first open door exercise and the Council budgetary session managed smoothly with out any flaws or setback, oks the fact that Mayor Mbombo has a messianic mission for Ndop Council and with God in all he thinks, do or say the council shall surely be swimming in the endless gratis of the Lord Almighty. May God bless Ndop Council, her Mayor, its workers and the public they serve with the fear of the Lord.

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