Tuesday, January 22, 2013


In a Guinean adage it is said, “The greatest of all faults is to be conscious of none”. This has been the case with the women. A few who have attempted the political race for leadership, are demonstrating that time has come for the Cameroon woman to leave behind all negative traditions and be conscious of the wrongs on the political field that must be righted for Cameroon to open a new political page second to Liberia-Gynecocracy. As mothers of the nation, they will not take to greed and starve their children. They will rather be conscious of wrongs that must be righted in the interest of socio-economic and political growth of their children. No woman in leadership can be so hard like a cannonball to carry billions of francs CFA into a rat’s hole. Women in leadership will be able to identify areas of change needed by gynecocracy in relation with men for gender equality. These changes will be realized when women and men both admit the reality that all what happens in life is governed by the rational principles of leaving the state better to others as their destiny. For a start, there will be poor understanding of the concepts of gynecocracy that might possibly cause the dream to be infiltrated by emotions and irrational principles can be applied in the process of righting wrongs. But accepting that Cameroon is ripe for gynecocracy is admitting the fact that she can go for a system of government that political dominance is by women or it gives supreme power to women. By our tradition, men going into gynecocracy will suffer as they struggle to put in place gender equality, working hand in gloves, but headed by women. But the way out is that everybody will be encouraged to look forward for the end and purpose of rights and principles with regards to equality, security, liberty, integrity and dignity of all Cameroonians. The women form the majority of Cameroon population, but remain clutched to all forms of discriminations by a minority men. The moment to promote gynecocracy that will build a positive and new Cameroon to cloth both men and women alike in dignity, cherished by democracy and constitutionalism is ripe enough - the time is now. In gynecocracy, the needs of both women and men, will be seen at the centre of the purpose of good governance. The women are strongly encouraged to make a move and make some political history that will give Cameroon a political leadership that gives power to them. In doing that, they are called upon not to indulge in sentimental squabbles with men, but stand out firm enough to educate the men how gynecocracy can establish freedom, opportunity and liberty for everybody. The fact that man is head by the rational principle of creation, should not mean that he should out-number the women in positions of leadership in the political arena. Having the dream that time and circumstances will affect all future decisions in favour of gynecocracy, the democratic principle of “Majority winning” will comfortably create a situation for women to out-number men in positions of leadership. I personally wonder why women who out-number men by far, should remain naïve, very un-noticed in the struggle for leadership. I wish to advice that as I advocate for gynecocracy, it is not to wake women up from political slumber to fight the men, but to let them come up and handle the vital role in the accomplishment of the democratic principle of “majority winning”. This democratic principle when properly understood by women and properly applied, can move them out of naïvity and they will find themselves in greater numbers where duty calls for leadership. The Cameroon women will spend millions on dresses, food, beer, wine, and music, but will not spend a mite on political ventures. They choose to deliberately maintain the second position as stated by the philosophy of creation and prefer always to come out of their shelves just to dress well, eat well, drink well, play and dance well. They prefer to leave that behind as the destiny of tomorrow. That is why with their population and support, incumbents remain in power even when they have out-lived their usefulness. To the Cameroon women, this is a serious issue for you to think and come out of your shelves positively for the better of tomorrow. President Ahidjo once said, “The Cameroon woman is centre of continuity”, and his incumbency continued even though he had out-lived his usefulness. The fate of this beloved country lies in the hands of women. Will they make or mare? Let the new female babies be born in the parliament and the councils of 2013 – GYNECOCRACY. The first African gynecocratic President is of Liberia. Cameroon women should now make history by taking a second position in Africa. The first woman President in Liberia did not spend her time dressing well, eating well, drinking well, playing and dancing well, to get to that great position above men. Neither did she remain in her shelve complaining about men. She and the women of Liberia came out of their shelves and for many years worked hard to have the seat of President of Liberia. Why not the women of Cameroon? In the interest of gynecocracy, I am calling on every woman to come out and register for the twin elections 2013. Their mass registration will enable them vote women for a government headed by women or a government with majority women – GYNECOCRACY. I, and many men are prepared to work hands in gloves with women for a Cameroon that Americans, British, Germans, French etc. will want to come and stay forgetting completely their homes. Our billions of francs CFA will not run into rat holes. With gynecocracy, the love that our mothers have for their children, will cover all the rat holes and our wealth will remain with us. In gynecocracy, it shall be a question of from all to all, and not from all to a few greedy persons – equal opportunity.

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