Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reignite Revamp & Gives New Development Impetus to Bambui Village West of Africa

*Validates Road Map Policy & Platform at Forum for Dev’t 2013 This is through her over one year’s studies made in the areas of water resource management, Nature protection, wild life conservation, ecotourism promotion, tribal disputes, land conflicts, unorthodox traditional practices, succession rites and the challenges that accompany them by founders Fernando and Teressa of the United Kingdom. Holding at the Jonhmaz Hotel complex Bambui on the 19 of January 2013 was a Development Forum dubbed 2013 with key actors and stake holders of Bambui in Development to name, Bambui Water Authority, Bambui Village Council, Bambui Cultural and Development Association (BACUDA) Bambui Student Union (BUS), COBEX, Mendel Foundation, BASSUG Credit House, Cameroon Association for Technical & Sustainable Development (Camatecsu-Cameroon), Constiblaise, Tubah Council, the Bambui Palace and a host of other CIGs where it was agreed and resolved that the duo Fernando and Teresa founders of Reignite should man and sources for funds to meet the increasing needs of the Bambui community and neighbors. The action for Development organization Reignite UK, owes existence from the first visit of her founders Fernando and Teresa to Cameroon, West Africa Bambui in 2011 aided by a local charity partner BUKDA. Who after an in depth study, research, monitoring, assessment and evaluation for well over a year and some months of the current development trends. Measuring goals, dimensions, achievements and challenges of the village Bambui, thought veritably that through a more restructured, guided and a formulated plan of action targeting priorities, backed by the strength of an organization which has as focus reinventing development goals, dynamics and perspectives gave birth to Reignite the force and strength of development for this evolving era carried by the wind of globalization and reduced to a planetary village where all centers around mounting development realities with the challenges of our times in the likes of desertification, climate change, environmental exhaustion, water crises, food shortage, low crop productivity, the predominance of HIV\AIDS, water born diseases, lack of health facilities, inadequate education facilities, lack or complete absence of farm to market roads and the disappearance of protected species. It is as a result of the above finding gathered that the said NGO Reignite task herself to make the difference through her founders by starting in this small village of West African origin of Cameroon of the North West Region, Mezam Division and Tubah Sub-Division to be more precise and Bambui by specification. With a Forum for Development based on results of their findings that have enabled them to come up with a structural and a strategic flexible development program for the Bambui Village. The two actors Fernando and Teresa responsible for a new perspective development for Bambui village following priorities and emergency needy grounds of intervention has affordably capacitated some key actor to conserve and protect with the limited means available while they source for funds. This has been through countless talks, meetings and ending with the Forum for Development where each actor involved in the general development process in Bambui was assigned to each in his or her small way help rescue and survive the planet earth under threat because of our ungoverned and sustained practices.

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