Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cameroonians Worried Over Delayed New Gov’t! Operation Sparrow Hawk Precipitates New Government this November 2014 as it is the Tradition with Biya, Presumably Blocked by thieving Ministers. After Mendo Ze s Dose in Kondengui, Minister Atanji Paul Before the Special Criminal Court Today Tuesday 18, 2014, Prof Ngolle Ngolle Elvis Obviously waiting his turn this week end As PM Yang Sleeps with Fingers Crossed of the Obvious Bomb Blast which is Pending

The Cameroon’s cabinet reshuffle which was expected after the 2013 twin elections and is yet to materialize has become a worrying issue to Cameroonians. This delay has provoked suspicions and gossips amongst the Cameroonians which was finally laid to rest on Wednesday 13 November 2014 by the bomb shell declaration on National Media which earmarked quite a good number for sparrow hawk’s dragnet heading the list the once known to be untouchable Gervais Mendoze former General Manager of the CRTV. Some newspapers have gone as far as carrying articles base on speculations and insinuating that the delay or forgotten cabinet reshuffle is not unconnected to black magic stage managed by the Ministers who are afraid of replacement and who had soiled hands. Other papers think that President Paul Biya is afraid of making any changes which could lead to a coup d’etat. Yet others think that if Biya is unable to change the cabinet, it is because he is too old and consequently very forgetful, otherwise why should he time without number, be accusing his government of inertia yet unable to reshuffle the cabinet and bring in new blood to continue to pilot the ship of the Nation. Other political pundits, who have talked to World Echoes, intimated that the government of Cameroon like any other French colony is being determined by the Colonial Master France and so President Paul Biya’s silences over government shake up should be as a result delay in recommendation or instructions from France. But other analyst have it that President Paul Biya is unpredictable and always want to create surprises and could reshuffle the government when least expected.

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