Saturday, November 8, 2014

Population invite the International Human Rights Commission to come to the Rescue\Aid\support of Mayor Tanjong Martin of Tubah Council subjected to Gross Human Rights Abuses from SDF Hierarchy for being Democratic and Transparent

These inhuman actions or comportments towards the first Vanguard cum District Chairman of the SDF Party militating there in since creation (1990) owes origin from the 30th of September 2013 when Mayor Tanjong Martin Mushungong of the SDF (Social Democratic Front) Party extraction and 35 other Councilors challenged the decision of the investiture that invested on his predecessor to their dislike, by overwhelmingly voting Tanjong Martin Mushungong as Mayor of Tubah Council in a free, fair, impartial and democratic election after the twin Municipal and Legislative elections in Cameroon at the Tubah Council Hall. For this symbolic action of going for and by the decisions of the ballot and earning his honest due term of office, he has known no peace from the hands of the Chieftain of the SDF Ni John Fru Ndi, the Provincial Chairman of the Party Njong Evaristus and others who regarded his actions to be disrespectful even though democratic. From open confrontation, to blackmail, excitement and instigations has Mayor Tanjong suffered in the hands of detractors within the party for preaching, practicing and exercising his civic rights as a citizen through naked and plain democracy, transparent management, assessment, evaluation and accountability to electorate. Today, because his predecessor has been incarcerated for alleged misappropriation of Council funds by the administration, the party SDF where he was long termed excluded standing for Justice and equal opportunity, which is what the party preaches, wants his head at all cost. This is to the surprise of electorate who thought that the party which is for the people should be for the people and granting equal opportunities to all according to their maxim? Rather, is out to sell collective interests for private interest. The stigma and threats has reached the level of open witch hunting and blackmail to the glaring notice of the North West Population who see the strength of democracy been tempered with by the very “Big crusaders for” in the early 90s for selfish interest, reasons why with major dismay, sympathizers invite the International Human Rights commission to intervene and probe into the matter squarely so that democracy can be secured for the social welfare of the Cameroonian Population.

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