Monday, November 24, 2014

Ups & Downs at UBa, Officials Under: Surveillance for Bad Morality Reports *Divine Mercy, mediation & Intervention is the much expected wish of the people

“From the general look of things today, without mincing words at the University for the future one might be tempted or caused to think that all is apparently for sell at the University of Bamenda in the North West Region where excellence\ meritocracy should be promoted and not mediocre or block heads from well to do homes” Laments, a cross section of the population from the North West extraction who are already envying south westerners and the way their ENSET Kumba is functioning with all degree of fairness and transparency. We are here referring to most especially parents who have in no distance time seen the hope of cheap access to Higher Educational training for their children dashed to the wall. This is after coughing out severally large sums for their children to seat for competitive entrances or compile dossiers for recruitment at UBa with no convincing results and are more than the word frustrated with what next to do given that the various institutions are now only offering placement to children from well to do families and matriculated civil servants or teachers who crook their ways in to graduate and embrace more lucrative positions in the economy. This are the varying situation at the University of Bamenda termed for the future which is marring, frustrating and humiliating to the future of young ambitious Cameroonian most especially those intelligent ones who come from poor homes, entrusted in the hands of Nigerian Gurus who understand no other language than mafia. The present management and ordinance does not suit the purpose for which the University was created, reasons why from creation the institution has been rocked countless times by strike actions. As parents are lamenting on the impartiality practiced up there in Bambili by some wayward “Key Position holders”, some private candidates are complaining of high fees, contractors vexed by unpaid outstanding bills, job seekers crossed with the way recruitments are been done, uninstalled appointed officials bitter with the system that is violating and disrespecting the same Presidential decree that appointed them etc. The open provocative style of recruitment based on family lining has caused the whole place to be crowded or infested by relations as each “Big Man” brings in his own relation and makes it only possible for their relations to have access to what so ever lucrative post in the University. The big question is, was that why Biya offered and created the University of Bamenda? That it should be “some people’s show”? On the occasion of the celebration of 50th anniversary of the armed forces in Bamnda, is the doubt cast on every wagging tongue around with worrisome looks and discontempt saying “it is really unfortunate for North Westerners to have an Anglo-Saxon University flooded with daughters and sons of rich Francophone Generals, Colonels, Directors, sectary of states etc” Worst of it all, the institution like a village provision store is run based on gossips and managed haphazardly irrespective of “Big Professors” there in “hen pecked and cannot cough” because the “Patrong” does only what pleases him and suits the interest of those who see in line with him or termed one of those hired detractors to destabilize his government. What is more, parents are also growing mad with the way some lecturers most especially the Nigerian breed of Cameroonian lecturers play around with their daughters from one hotel to another “Changing them like pants” for marks certainly! What a deploring and a dilapidating situation, nauseating of course! That not also being enough, the outright tree felling on campus, has sparked a lot of quarrel and reactions as to why sheds or better still trees much needed now are been felled on Campus. The scandalous ways at which building are being erected within the University with no structured plan has come to rain a series of abuses on the Minister of Higher Education for appointing officials and not closely monitor and supervise their actions. Blames and complains are what has been accompanying the system as those in power, even tired of the criticism pray, they should “come and take the thing” may be that is why all is done here with impunity, reluctance and insouciance. Only God will have to judge every one for actions against humanity, posterity is also there to access those “Big Key Position holders” who have openly sold their consciences for money and will prefer cash to excellence or meritorious candidates from sick and poor backgrounds. As they pretentiously move around claiming to be honest while intellectually sick and dishonest, yet parades corridors of churches as exemplary Christians. “Saah” search your hearts and consciences for what shall it benefit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul in hell, kingdom come is at hand end time is around repent and adjust before it is too late.

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