Wednesday, November 5, 2014

God's Mysterious Hand react to this Problematic Raised by Tamukong Roland the insightful analyst

In Life it is always said "Good Things Never Last" the big question is why do they not last? where do they go to? The answer is six feet deep on earth. Imagine also again that they go along with all they amass on earth (i am here mentioning all their asserts) into the earth how will mankind look like? bare not so!and if another mankind was to exist within the earth or inside the earth how will that side of the world look like? the best off course! not so. so who are those living well, those in the other world or those in this world of futility full of shortcoming and wanton desires? adventure with us in this mental spiritual debacle to situate yourself well in the phase of things in this ephemeral world.

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