Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Fall of Great Media Icon: Sama Steve Cameroon Post Publisher is No More! Sama Stephen Licey Alias Sama .L Steve is no More but Lives on and in the Hearts of the Licey’s forever.

Sama suffered the prejudice and subjection that finally called him to eternity for six years. Sick first from a strange bike notorious and nasty scene at the City Chemist round about one evening with Michael Ndi presently Guardian Post’s North West Bureau Chief where he had his left leg broken, laid down on crouches for several months and later back to his heels. “That was when he bought a red car and had to severally visit Yaounde on counts that he defamed on one North West renown Fon who is supposed to have even threatened his life for frank reporting”. Six months after, was brought down by a leg surgery on the same leg and was in bed again for some months, later referred to the “E” Ward at the Bamenda general Hospital where, he saw many giving up the ghost and wandered aloud to my hearing whether God will spare his life with all what he is was witnessing. At the end, he survived the situation and God truly spared his life. He came back to life and followed President Paul Biya’s 2011 Presidential Election “I remember a famous Political deal he had with Chick Marcus of Njinibie and Adamu Musa North West Campaign team communication officer” that took him to Nkambe, Kumbo, Ndop where he had a short stay with the brother who is the Sub-Delegate of agriculture, to Bambui where he met me and back to Bamenda very strong when he dropped sick. This was after a political adventure to Balikumbat and back to Bamunka centre where we spend the evening joyously “I fondly remember, which we always laugh at even before his departure”. “I also remember a trip he made to Yaounde came back just to fall sick again and was diagnosed having complicated kidney problems. Since then, he has been bed ridden and on routine moves to the dialyses centre where every week a good chunk of his family entitlements went to sustain life with major support from some considerate and kind elite (to whom on behalf of the family I extend abundant regards for their support). Spending almost every week the sum of ten to twenty five thousands francs for four years and finally lost his sight three weeks to his passing on to glory on the night breaking Thursday 13 November 2014. Sama leaves behind an anguish wife Che Anne, his beloved son Sama Clinton and a fellow friend Roland in whom he was well pleased. As he lives on to eternity, the entire Press family mourns and groans his departure at 46 on a Wednesday termed a “black one for CRTV” that came with the arrest of the former CRTV General Manager Gervais Mendoze on embezzlement charges. About Sama Steve Stevo, better still “screen saver” Sama Stephen Licey was born 5th March 1968 in Bambili\ Balikumbat, is the Publisher\Editor of Cameroon Post International and the Christian Herald when he took up a new life in Christ. Had the Ordinary levels certificate in 1986 at the Progressive institute of Stenography, the advance level at GBHS Bamenda 1988, a Degree in Journalism and mass communication at the University of Zaria Nigeria 1991, underwent a training on Media planning in Kenya 1992, has worked with the Standard Newspaper in Nigeria as Editor, has been a CRTV anchor Man, owned and managed the first college of Nursery nursing in Bamenda, the commercial Director of the Herald Newspaper, lectured Geography at GTTC Bamenda from 1994 to 1998, to died as a Media planner and consultant.

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