Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Motion of Support & 32nd Anniversary Best Wishes to President Paul Biya by Mayor Mbombo Abel Chenyi Ndop Council

*Considering the Peace, Stability and tranquility reigning in the country, *Considering the five percent Economic growth recorded every year, *Considering the strong defence put against Boko Harram and Ebola, *Considering the democratic process especially with the introduction of ELECAM which is highly receiving international respect, *Considering the decentralization process put in place by your govrnmrnt, *Considering the decentralization of the Educational sector, *Considering the gift of a University, a referral Hospital, the Completion of the ring road, the harnessing of more Power from Menchum fall, the gift of National equipment pole that will soon be installed in Ngoketunjia Division for great industrial and gross road maintenance works, *Considering your openness and dexterity in the Management of conflicts with neighbor state, *Considering all the bilateral and cooperation’s signed for Cameroon, And considering the fact that you have been Majestic, methodic, Realistic and religious the way you rule Cameroon, I am Joining my voice with that of the people of Ndop Municipality that I head to Motion that you stay on with your clear vioyance spirit and that may the good Lord Continue to guide and bless you with wisdom to rule Cameroon. Happy anniversary, Mr President National chairman of our great Party the CPDM.

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