Thursday, May 12, 2016

Academics; Prof. Tita Speaks Out, Condemns the Academy of Doctors & Professors in Cameroon

*“Most Cameroonian Doctors & Professors are Dressed in Borrowed Robes, Most are Holders of Honorary Cauca” Prof Tita
Most of us, if honest would agree that the higher we go up the ladder of learning, the more we acquire Philosophy that enables us to become pretty amazing species of human sapiens that are addressed Doctors of Philosophy (Ph.D) AND Professors (Prof.) when it comes to explaining what makes a Doctor of Philosophy or Professor different on the ladder of the learned, there are radical disagreement because people always point to the less or holders of no sound knowledge of Philosophy as Doctors, most of those addressed as Doctors and Professors of Philosophy are not.
Sound Doctors of Philosophy or Professors manipulate physical objects much more intricately than others below them on the ladder of the learned. The ladder of the learned is apolitical and only universities can award after making sure that the candidates have put in years of university teaching, sound ability in research and the publication of books in National and international publishing houses.    
I will want to explain more why Philosophy lies at the heart of the difference of those on the ladder of the learned and why Philosophy matters. Consider those we refer to as Doctors of Philosophy and Professors, even though they appear quite different from others on the ladder of the learned as seen by the society, in one important respect, they do not deserve being seen as such. On the ladder of the learned, they can be a bit better, but not better enough to be addressed as Doctors of Philosophy or Professors when they lack the basic ability to think philosophically on normative dimension of the life of their people. They are addressed Doctors of Philosophy and Professors but do not know the first “why?” as could be asked to answer one Philosophical question that digs deeper to address other questions lying beneath it and so goes the process of research.
How rational is our ladder of learned people addressed Doctors of Philosophy and Professors without the knowledge in Philosophical anthropology, metaphysics, religions etc that aught to make them base their research understanding on the universe and science. To be addressed a Doctor of Philosophy or Professor, you need to journey through all that represents philosophy from birth to maturity. It is in maturity that research works are published and awarded as Doctors of Philosophy or Professors are made by Universities as they can judge abilities of researchers. Those seen to be learned people are those who are Knowledgeable or those who have acquired knowledge and will always want to know where the truth lies through research because people are bound to have different views. It is not how you are dressed, but what is your research view on matters that can go for the growth of the less privileged.
To put down my pen, I will call on our academia to look to Aristotle and Plato who observed that everything should live according to its nature, which should mean living in accordance with our higher intellectual abilities to be able to handle researches as Doctor and Professors of Philosophy. There is Doctor of Philosophy which is academics and Honouris Causa that is Non-ACADEMIC. It seems that most of our Doctors of Philosophy are more of Honouris Causa than academic. Also, Professors are high university Aristotles and Platos that research to maintain that things live according to their nature. A Professor should not be some one yet to be admitted into a Philosophy class room, but he should be some one who is Aristotle and Plato, that are the roof of all academic buildings. I have written this not with a bias for what ever award people want from what ever universities, but putting things right to those who love to be informed in order to clear the blocks in their eyes and the clouds in their brains. If by this work I have stepped on some ones toes, they should bear the pains with the simple understanding that it is not decent to be dressed in borrowed robes. It is just my observation and I will whole heartedly appreciate any opinion contrary.   

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