Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Calls for Nomination open for World Echoes Newspaper's 2016 National Press Innovation Award to Sustainable Development Actors. Send all Entries and submissions via our Email Address @ or by texting us at (237) 674784894, 694727557 or 683755349 NB Exercise runs from April 2nd to the 29 of May 2016. visit our site for more info

World Echoes Newspaper Group Inc. International/National Media Award

Launching Journalist\Governor’s Network Project to Combat Terrorism in Cameroon Dubbe
2016 National Press Innovation Award to Sustainable Development Actors


This years’ National Press Award @ 8th , combines Excellence Performance to Promote the Abilities of Industrious Cameroonians at the same time Enhancing values that guarantees the social security\welfare and being of the Nation.
The 2016 Innovators\Sustainable Development Actors National Press Icons Award is meant for those duly Nominated\Elected by the accredited Committee for haven’t distinguished themselves in a Special way in their respective works of life through out the year;
*Contributors to Nation Building,
*Architects\enhancers of sustainable development and devoted service providers to the Nation
*People whose great dynamics, intellectual know how and industriousness has impacted the lives of a community, a people by any form of alleviation or compassion.
*Those whose creative knowledge or thinking has caused Cameroonian to network more socially for their common good and welfare
*People whose enterprising abilities has helped to move the country from a public service economy to a private service economy at the same time creating employment
*Great promoters of useful service programs or projects to humanity
*Politicians of Honourable class who through politicking and gimmicks has influenced the political life wire of the country
*To Nature protectors and environmentalist who are doing all in their best to redress unpredictable nature’s situation through sustained actions and efforts.
*To Agricultural expert, great conservators, rural animators, extension workers, consultants, project Director and coordinators of NGOs, CSOs, CIGs, Cooperatives that has boast the agricultural sector to meet the emerging needs and exigencies of the country in the 21st century faced with the challenges of scientific evolution.
*To Administrators of exceptional class with visionary ideas that has boasted good governance and transparency in the country
*To great Academicians who amongst colleagues have earned favor for their intellectual works
*To Anti corruption crusaders, human right activist and advocates of peace  


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