Friday, May 20, 2016

Coding: Cameroon Getting Started Is The Most Important Part

Check out where MentorNations will be sharing their skills forward in Cameroon. Looking forward to launching our digital literacy and coding camp series in partnership with Tobby Vision Computers Bambui. Cornelius Tawong Brice William Boum

 Mentorafrika Excited to launch their digital literacy program in Cameroon to truly live the vision of ‪#‎CSforAll‬. See you in August, Cameroon! See
Melissa and Brice Updating 364 #HP laptops headed to North Africa to empower Tunisian teachers and youth to transform their lives through technology #MentorAfrika

These ‪#‎Tunisian‬ kids in ‪#‎MenzelBourguiba‬ have new ‪#‎HP‬ laptops and are beginning to have  ‪#‎ICT‬ skills! Thanks to MentorNations

Tobby Vision Computers Bambui, cross section of a six-month course students in lab studying grading in spreadsheets
The launch of Cameroon's Computer  Science for All ‪#‎CSforAll‬ is here in August 2016

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