Thursday, May 12, 2016

Inside Out Bamenda Arch Diocese; Who is Next Auxiliary Bishop Elect?*Rev.Fr John Ambe, Fr. Bonaventure Ndong, Fr. Joseph Ngalim, Fr. Waindim Ignatius, Fr. Augustine Ngwa?

*Know the Next Bishop Elect from our Succinct Analysis


The race for the post of the Auxiliary Bishop Elect Post is on and hot in the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province. Just as the anxieties and emotions of Catholic faithful in this part of the country are highly awakened.   
So too are analyst pricked, carried and why not tempted to quickly conjecture while playing around with credible information that avails from various shades of opinion holders around the Bamenda City and the church environs in particular to lay the ground work or orient the church’s decision and if not hasten the appointment even though it may not be the ruled out procedure for selection.
The appointment of his Lordship Bishop Agapitus Nfon to head the Kumba Diocese some months ago has left the post of the Auxiliary Bishop Elect vacant and highly “bargainable”.
We don’t want to go into the polemics or procedure that surrounds appointment of a Bishop but into the probability of who is ripe, apt, deserves to or should be compensated is the interest of opinion holders through the analysis of this reporter.
High numbers of opinion holders from our sampled survey in the Catholic Christian community of the North West Region are strongly for the fact that it is time for Rev. Fr John Ambe to not only be compensated but rewarded the post of auxiliary Bishop Elect for haven’t been serviceable to the order humbly in varied capacities. It should be noted that he has once been Rector of the St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary, of retired Bishop Lisengue’s class former Bishop of Mamfe Diocese, has been the Education Sectary, Principal of St Bedes and Sacred Heart College and is presently Parish Priest of St John Church. This loaded religious life exchanging service CV to the church, won the admiration of the population who advanced their opinions and even attested that before Bishop Lisingue was appointed to Mamfe Diocese or immediately after, he was supposed also to be recognized or late Rev. Fr. Mofor who died “empty handed”.
To them, in the absence of Rev. Fr. Mofor, the only lone, old religious guru is Rev. Fr John Ambe, who, if appointed will also cause the people of Tubah\Bafut main host of the St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary a branch of the Pontifical University in Rome to be happy, to have a least had one of its sons appointed to a key post in the catholic church. Not only that, the “rule” that appointments can only be made or should come only from a particular village would have been broken.
Another most favored on the list is Rev. Fr Joseph Ngalim presently the Vicar general known reputed for building churches around the Region. He also holds credit to a rich religious life and career reasons why he has a chunk of admirers. As a “Known reputed Church Builder” the multitude are in the opinion that he should be entrusted the post of Auxiliary Bishop Elect to keep on building the house of God, his fans or follows proclaim.
Rev. Fr Bonaventure Ndong who is in England as a Fidel donor priest known as the popular catholic gospel singer one time principal of St Bedes College and Paul is the third choice of the people. “Young dynamic and influential in church activities are words that best describe Father “Bondo” loved and cherished by most.
Hear them “Young just as Bishop Agapitus Nfon when he was appointed” those who buy his side of favor advocate for his appointment. Saying, “it is not for nothing that father Bondo left for England to enrich his priesthood life”.
The present Rector of the St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary Rev Father Waindim Ignatius also stands in that role with Rev Father Augustine Ngwa the present catholic Education sectary whose religious profiles has a lot to sail them through in this symbolic religious appointment exercise.
Nothing goes for nothing, the stakes are high, but the probability is there whether the hand of appointment swings to which camp or direction. All the highly expectant Christian community wants is justice and fairness in the selection, proposal and appointment exercise of the highly waited new Auxiliary Bishop Elect which has over due to their dislike.


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