Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Danger Looms, as Spirit of Death Hovers Over UBa; Prof. Dominic Mvogo’s Mysterious Death Sparks Confusion Drops Death Mysteriously, Who Next? A Legal Colossus? VC’s Days Numbered?

What happened to Prof. Tafah Edocat Pioneer VC of the University of Bamenda at the end of his career at the head of that prestigious university for the future are exactly the same signs and manifestations of a pending doom that Prof. Theresia Nkuo is witnessing. The tragic drama then, which led to the cold hand of death snatching three of his lecturer amongst who was venerable Prof T Asong Linus  Author of the famous literature novel the “Crown of Thorns” caused Prof. Tafah Packing in 2016. 

Today, I mean as we report a similar voodoo dance is gradually clearing down sound intellectual minds mystically, which normal human interpretation can hardly account for. The death of Prof Akume after retiring, followed by Prof Chia and now Prof Mvogo the Pro-Vice Chancellor does not carry a natural consequential cause of their death, most especially as Mvogo dropped death after an electric shock.  Just as in Africa the usual saying goes “nothing happens for nothing or goes for nothing” we are tempted to conclude that the current happenings are bad signs and signals for the University Administration of UBa. Given that things for long have not been working out well for the institution as officials of the place have chose to run and manage the place on gossip lines, “like a village provision store”.   .
The doom that is pending from all indication and indicators, many heads are still to roll. The big question is who is next in line for the grave or to be sacrificed? What may all these signs be insinuating? Or has a shrine been planted in the university campus as in the days of Prof Dorothy Njema and Prof Nalova Lyonga in the University of Buea? Is it almost time for Prof Theresia Nkuo to start packing her briefcase? Only time will tell as prayer warriors embark on serious prayer and fasting to cast out that spell over the University whose tentacles will certainly have no one to spare.

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