Tuesday, April 17, 2018

On Insinuated Land Dispute in Nwa by Dr Nfor Nwayuke Susungi: Hon. Ngingum Musa Fires Back

Ø  Challenges Dr Nfor Susungi to Present Court Judgment Ruling in his Favor and no Trespass on the Land he Claims is Disputed
Ø  Tasks Him to Show Proof of Occupation and Ownership Title
Ø  Orders the Said Dr Nfor to Come and Engage the Fight at Home and not Seat Abroad Sending Threat Messages through Newspapers
Ø  Drags Dr Nfor to Court for Threat of Life, Character Assassination and Defamation  

The Battle that has been on between Hon. Njingum Musa and Dr Nfor Susungi over the years on a vast estate in Nwa Sub-Division coming to the lime light, has today reached its climax and has changed frequency and face into a battle on newspaper.
The recent outrageous outing of Dr Nfor Susungi on Newspaper precisely the Breaking News newspaper threatening Hon Njingum Musa MP for Ngoketunjia Nord who doubles as qestor to the National Assembly, has sparked a wave of confusion in the Media landscape and is catching basically the attention of almost everybody in consternation. Who question why should two big figures settle scores but on Papers and not amicably.
In Dr Nfor’s recent press outing on the Breaking News Newspaper threatening, he is accusing Hon. Njingum Musa for Trespassing and by passing court order ruling the disputed acres of land his. Blames Hon. Njingum Musa for teaming up with the new Fon and court authorities to seize his land, calling on the competent authorities to come to his rescues while instructing Hon Njingum to decease from outright exploitation or occupation of the land in question. Passes an ultimatum that no SDO or DO should dare in issuing Hon.Njingum documents that will enable him obtain a land certificate, asking him to go acquire farm land in Ndop if he wants to do agriculture and not Donga Mantung. 
Hon. Njingum in reaction fires back, asking him to stop sending threats while abroad,  challenges him to show proof of ownership title and occupation, present the court ruling mandating him owner of the said land and finally show prove of all the accusation he is making.  
The Member of Parliament speaking to this reporter expressed surprise reading from the newspaper that he is disputing over his land with somebody. A land he has occupied and has been exploiting for years. The Doctor’s reactions on paper to him are confusing because you cannot be an owner of something and instead of making use of it you go crying fowl of its usage by another man on newspaper. Hear honourable “he should have been presenting his land certificate and court ruling ordering me not to trespass on the land to the journalist instead of sending threat messages through newspaper or rather be effectively exploiting the said disputed area he is insinuating is his. What I will prefer Doctor to do is to come and face me one on one and not seat abroad and send threats. Threats don’t frighten Njingum it rather makes me stronger, knowing the politician that I am. On all the false accusation, I will be holding brief with my lawyers to build up a litigation file for the courts against the said Doctor who has taken upon himself to be dragging my hard earned reputation in the mud and pointing accusing fingers on almost everybody”.
Fire on the mountain as Hon Njingum sets out to deal with Dr Nfor Susungi squarely, on a flaring note the MP declared “this time I will not let this go, it is too much from the Dr Nfor, I am a Cameroonian and has right to own land wherever in Cameroon.

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