Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Politicking in the Heart of the Anglophone Crisis: Ground Work Activated for 2018 Democratic Elections in Cameroon

“Danger Looms, NO Political Headway for the SDF and Fru Ndi in Ambaland” Separatists Put it Bluntly
* CPDM/SDF Marriage=Cameroon Socialists Democratic Party (CSDP)=Advent of a New Dorn in Cameroon’s Political History

There is no gain saying this as an authoritative insightful analyst, but reading from the bold hand writing written on the walls of the Cameroonian political landscape at the end of SDF’s last convention at the Bamenda congress hall crowned with three days Ghost town out rightly stationed by anonymous leaders of the separatists movement, one can with firm conviction be drawing the conclusion that SDF and it chieftain, co, associates and cabal are moving to a political crash. Not only that the fact that SDF has entered the same put of soup or that is the CPDM usual tradition of giving voter stipends to vote almighty SDF ahead of 2018 senates election, makes a mockery of the one time party Cameroonians looked up too. It is unfortunate and takes us to a different ball game all together as Cameroonians are now caught in the web of confusion.
For Fru Ndi’s Ntarikun residence to have narrowly escape acts of arson from the ADF and to have been disowned by the “Takummbengs” who formerly held the mystic strength of the party in the early 90s in support of the invincible liberation actions of the “Odeshis”. 
There is no need dabbling around for all eyes saw from the just ended Bamenda SDF convention that SDF was powerless before the same political force they were controlling in the 90s and were helpless to the point that they had to sort the support of government in order to hold a meeting for its party. What the desperate and frustrated average Cameroonian call betrayal and standing against the will of the people.
Dear readers my fellow audience it is hard to bear but additionally surprising that Almighty Fru Ndi could be hunted by his own ghost and disowned by the same “Takum Mbeng’s” he use to sort powers from to over power the regime in the early 90s.
Today Fru Ndi rubbished everywhere in Anglophone Cameroon can hardly talk or make any public appearance anywhere for fear of victimization as he is even targeted by the Ambazonianian Defense Force for betraying the people and amongst those shortlisted for kidnap by ADF.
What a political blow, and what may all these political developments be taking Fru Ndi to is the one Dollar question? As he has been threatened to relocate to Yaounde after his CPDM styled and open romance convention, and to permanently be guarded and protected by the regime.
Another big question Sound minded political pundits and analyst are asking is, after the 2018 SDF convention what next? And on which field will the political game be played? in the Congress hall or in conference centers heavily guarded? Then where is the sense in such political gathering as militants will be attending rallies with one leg in and another out for fear of the unknown.’
As shakespear rightly puts it in one of his tales, King Lear “Authority forgets a dying King”, Fru Ndi is standing at the middle of the road confused because of too much political blunders and is now facing the wall. After the hide and seek 2018 Senate campaigns and elections what next for Fru Ndi and his party as separatists leaders intensify attacks on the regime and multiply kidnap raids? For the CPDM they are already use to threats, where will the SDF banner holders put their heads if they don’t pick up the ticket to parliament? In the present state of uncertainty can one boast of any future hope for the SDF in Anglophone Cameroon?
With your permission at this juncture looking at the sudden political twixt in the SDF and in Cameroon Politics can one not be tempted to rightly conclude that the whole show is gradually taking Cameroonians to a one party system!
The open romance at the last SDF Conclave with the CDPM are indicators of a possible marriage between the CPDM and SDF, from the marriage certainly a child will be born that is (CSDP) Cameroon Socialist Democratic Party.
SDF/CPDM now partners in crime as separatists put it, there is no head way for Cameroon politic as a step is taken forward in the name of exercising democracy and ten steps taken back by the cabal of political gurus in manipulation to maintain grip onto power.
Fru and his party, it is surprising will be running all the 2018 political race with its Delegates and not militants for sure and where will that take him and land him.   The future is quite pregnant with ideas and the truth can only be revealed as each new day unfolds with answers to our daily worries. Don’t worry be happy……. Affair a suivre.

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