Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Honorary National Chairman Founder, Father of CPP Rev. Prof Titat Samuel Fon Speaks Out on the Suspension of CPP National Council and Kah Wallah’s Outright Press Outings

-Thank you for granting me this Press Interview that I have been waiting for it with a lot of interest.
-Permit me first of all to give you a brief summary of my profile that makes me proud to be here first as a politician and second as a Nation Builder.
I am an advocate for peace and unity for socio economic and political growth of Cameroon.
I am the conventional Clark of the Methodist Church of Cameroon MCC,  Honorary National Chairman Founder, Father of Cameroon People’s Party CPP, Founder of African Regional Institute of Peace Studies ARIPS affiliate of Cornerstone University and Seminary Jerusalem, Israel and USA.
International Awards
-Professor –University of Teufen Switzerland
-Member of the academy of Political science New York
-World Gold medal of Freedom –American Biographical Institute,
-International Peace Prize –American Biographical Institute
-Fellow of the American Biographical Institute
-Legion of Honour – United Cultural Convention England
-International Fellowship prize- international biographical center Cambridge England
-Cambridge certificate for outstanding Educational Achievements
-Honorary appointment to the research board of Advisers-American Biographical Institute
-Deputy Director General for African international Biographical institute
-Distinguished service to Mankind Award
-Degree of Excellence- International Biographical institute England
-Masters Diploma with Honors – World Academy of letters USA
Questions and Answers
How is CPP Preparing for the Presidential Elections 2018?
-Perfectly well, that is the most reason that on the 29th December 2017 we restructured the party.
What about the Mandate Given to Kah Wallah?
-She came into CPP when she left SDF after floundering in the storm of some politics of bickering that was of little political minds. CPP was ten years old, as the National Chairman with a vision, I had a dream for a gynococratic government. The National Council of the Party and some organs were restructured searching for women to be leaders. That is how Kah Wallah was fished out to be chairperson of the National Council of the party and not the National President as she claims. I, the chairman National allowed her to stand in my place as the Presidential candidate because we were in dire need and wanted Cameroon to try her hands on the leadership of women. We did just that for that season, and we had a very sound result for gynacocracy.
What is your assessment on the situation in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon?
-It is quite unsound and so savage. Since 1993 that the ugly face of some secessionists started raising the dust of secession in the two Regions, through Anglophone Cameroon Movement (CAM) situations started going wrong and the future has remained bleak as war is been fanned at the detriment of peace and unity of the state. Looking at the present saga that is born out of the great ignorance of teachers and lawyers of the two regions, the government has answered a lot of the questions of the crisis. We must accept that things have to be done within the frame work of the constitution as outlined by the Head of state who knows Cameroon better than other political actors. He has solved most of the issues raised by the Lawyers and Teachers. He is looking forward on solving more for the satisfaction of all Cameroonians (Anglophones and Francophones), but, some dishonest persons who call themselves Ambazonians have high jacked the strike actions and staging war against state institutions. To CPP this is unacceptable and we are totally against secession. We condemn whole heartedly all acts of violence as well as the killing of soldiers who are out to maintain public order in the interest of all citizens.
Has Kah Wallah defended the interest of CPP?
She has not defended gynecocracy which is our vision, but is using the party for self interest. She has been moved to her constituency for grass root mobilization for gynacocracy. She is no longer allowed to talk on behalf of CPP? This restricting is for the health and the growth of the party. Where she is dissatisfied with the exercise and looks forward fisting for a fight which is very uncalled for, she has the option to go and form her own party and CPP has no option than to respect her resignation.  She should not hang in the party and claim ownership, but peacefully move to her constituency where things should be done for CPP to be felt at the grass root. For now the National Council that she headed has been suspended for the health and growth of CPP.
What is CPP Status?
-CPP is Presidential Majority since 1992 and that status remain unperturbed
What are your last words to the Party institution?
-We are not out to rub nostrils in mud neither are we out to tolerate praises been showered on persons who jump high to pluck a feather off a flying goose. We are out to indentify marks men who can gun down the flying goose. This is the message of the Honorary National Chairman, founder and father of CPP. The time is now
Done in Yaounde on the 12th February 2018
Sign: Rev. prof Tita Samuel Fon
Honorary National Chairman
Founder and Father of CPP

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