Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fire Works As CPDM Reorganization Exercise Enters Full Gear in the North West Region:

Who Takes the Mantel? As Politician Flex Mussels
*Power Tussle, Manipulation, Intrigues & High Level Mafia is almost Tearing Constituencies   


Ahead of the 2015 CPDM reorganizations in Cameroon which was lastly done in 2007, with the political scene highly animated with underground works by aspirants, to canvas and conserve votes after the Regional launching in Bamenda on the 10th, the 12th of October 2015 respectively in Ndop and in other five Divisions of the North West Region.
In most part of the country at the grass roots and at the Divisional head quarters or better still constituencies intrigues, manipulation and self imposition has taken central stage, not to talk of open confrontations which has gripped the political scene and all actions or tempers of politicians are rising in tempo and momentum as they suspect double dealings or fraudulent activities or exercises of rivals.
A particular case in point is Mezam Division of the North West Region of Atanga Nji Paul which is split into four and CPDM gurus here are bent at all cost to flush him out and Mbah Miriam for a new and fresh impetus to be given to the party. Most probably wishing the full coming in of Anye Matoya Cletus, Honourable Tawa Crecy, Abel Tazor Ndeh or Mme Saningong Rose Abakwa Iron Lady who has topple all odds and believe very strongly that she will break while sailing through technically.  Chenwi Peter, is fully commissioned and dedicated to the course of picking the crown of the Section or Youth President where he is already unchallenged. 
Mezam IV Constituency still remains in the hands of indomitable Prof. Peter Abety who is unopposed even dough shooting heads nurse unexpressed ambitions for fear of Abety’s person and financial responsibility which for the past years Abety has almost practically shouldered alone. Prof Abety and gang can only be replaced if Senator Mundi Regina raises her voice. One thing is certain Mme Abong Judy Ngwe from Kedjom Keku, the Regional Delegate of MINPROF will replace Ma Aban Victorine as WCPDM while Atibatim Cyprain remains the Natural Youth Section President of Mezam IV.
In Mezam II Santa, with JB Ndeh out of the scene by virtue of the fact that he is a Director, Fru Jonathan now picks the crown with the left hand after intimidating Michael Shupong to bark out of the race influencing Pa Achidi at all level known by all as “very easy to be managed”.
In Bafut, the NTUNGIA Henry and Ambe Joseph are subjected to hand over the CPDM mantel to the MP attempted for Bafut\Tubah Constituency Honourable Mbonifor Kenedy who is no doubt the choice of the people. As Ngwa Kongo LAWRENCE speed up actions to take up the Youth Section presidency Post.

Momo remains in the hands of Honourable Enwei Francis and Mbah Acha Fomundam ,who are the supreme Lord over party activities and decision taking or making in their respective constituencies. Ama Tutu has no place as she is even missing in action struggling with the pains just inflicted on her by cabinet reshuffle.
Mayor Ndingabong Anthony of Menchum is another veritable force to reckon with and is standing his grounds amidst all odds to pocket the Section Presidency post in his constituency with the supreme benedictions of the Aghem Fons. The battle line is drawn between Mayor Dingabong Anthony, Hon Wallang and Chou Cyprain.
In Donga-Mantung Division, known as a  CPDM politically Sensitive environment which is described to be too competitive made up of highly spirited and ambitious individuals, one cannot now tell whether it is Dr Fuh Calistus who was once the Ako people’s messiah and is today regarded as Minister for his village to influence the choice of section Presidents or is it Shey Jones Yembe who he had fallen apart with still piloting the political scene or H.E Ngafeeson Emmaneul with the gross absence of Senator Njinkong Stephen do influence or decide? But, one thing is sure for Nkambe Ngalle Gerald who challenged Awudu Mbaya on several fronts during the 2013 Parliamentary race stands unopposed as the fervent and absolute choice of the people to take over from Ngabi Paul Mayor Nkambe Council. Nkenda Simon former Mayor of Mesaje is another formidable pillar for CPDM’s victory in his place and will surely give in as section president if the Fuh Calistus’s  take a full commitment not to use and dump him as they did in 2013.
Menchum of Hnourable Wallang Richard and others are gripped by panic as Aghem Fons endorse Mayor Dighambong for Section Presidency while Fru Jonathan greatly optimistic may be disqualified for violating party texts.
In Bui the PM Yang Philomon is battling it with Mayor Ngum, the Lafon’s and the Mbenkum’s.
In Ngoketunjia the situation is wild as no CPDM Bigwig would want to hear the name of Dr Vabi Mentioned again as Section President in Ngoketunjia Nord. In the South, the situation is solidly different as militants still clamor for their then Section President who is now Senator, Dinga Ignatius Bayern to stay on to the likely annoyance of Hon Bami Emanneul and Dr Nwana Benard. Reasons being that he is financially viable, has been able to boast CPDM Party activities at the grass roots single handedly for the past years.
In the Nord, the contrary was true, since they had a financially viable Section President Dr Vabi who was constantly called for international consultancy services abroad and was never at the base to animate party activities to the liking of die heart militants.
It should also be recalled that Dr Vabi challenged Mayor Mbombo Abel and took command. The same battle stick which should have been Mayor Abel’s own this time around if at all he was in a sound health situation given that he had been subjected to serious witch hunting since he took over office as Mayor. Hear him “I would have love to take the mantel, but my health does not permit me, added to the huge sacrifices I make for the council’s smooth running, I don’t think I will be able to carry on with the two task at once. But I pray that he who takes the mantel should be a die heart militant of the Party who will be able to sacrifice all his love, Strength and money for the social welfare of the Party CPDM”.  This time the contestants or challengers for the duel are varied with divided intensions.
*You have Dr Ntoh Daniel who was one time youth Section President and Mayor who wants to take the Section and manipulate his way in back as Mayor clutching on the wings of Hon Njingum Musa. He is highly optimistic and has sworn to die than loose the Section President crown.
*Mbapa Anthony is the first Deputy Mayor Ndop Council from Bambalang who is also bent on screwing his way through with the aid of the Director of Cabinet Prof Paul Ghogomo. He is high spirited and also eying the Mayoral Post.
*Soyang Evaristus, is a councilor with the Ndop Council from Bamessing, member of the finance committee, one of the oldest pillars of the CPDM in Ngoketunjia, has been charge de Mission on several occasions to Ndop, is financially viable and is also nursing the ambition of one day becoming Mayor haven’t taken great risk for the party a good number of years back.


*Luki Alias is another youth with though provoking ideas from Bamunka, an engineer financially viable who contributed enormously for the victory of the CPDM in Ndop central in the last 2013 twin elections in Cameroon. He is also poised on taking the command baton of the Council. In him the Fons of Ngoketunjia are well pleased, the Honourable MP Njingum Musa and the Director of Cabinet Prof. Ghogomo Paul. But the fear is that he may have to share his votes with Dr Ntoh Daniel who is also from Bamunka since none is ready to let go the Section ship attribution to any one. If one amongst the two must become Section President, they must reach a consensus or mar the whole show. Going by the people’s opinion Luki the engineer should be because his new entrance will prove too energetic, full of zeal and excitement unlike Ntoh who had once tasted power as the Mayor and YCPDM position.  


*Nkwenui Joseph alias “Pa Dollar” is another great CPDM political mobilize who masters grass roots politics and was able to galvanize the much needed votes from Bambalang for SDF to be flush out completely from the 2013 election race in Ngoketunjia. He is the choice of the people; Mayor attempted and has the Dollars ready to spray.


Digressing a bit to the female camp, Ngoketunjia South just like in the males circle is facing no problem of choice or options. In the Nord, there are three runners up for the WCPDM, Senator Teresia, Mme Nee Cecilia Ndi and Mme Geraldine all women of substance, very influential who in their individual and respective charm or karma will be able to wrought the much needed votes to ascend that prestigious post which is now most enviable and valuable. They have the ambition with discreet qualities and abilities that the public is now left to judge on who to be voted on that blessed day. Prof Uphie Chinje Melo remains untouchable in Babessi and the Mayor Issa Chou Buba. Seating on the fence is Mme Moni Honorine from Adamu Ndam Njoya’s CDU party nursing the hope to form a list yet is frightened by his political opponents. A business woman in action, she has the firm conviction that dealing with Yaounde from Ngoketunjia she will pick up the WCPDM mantel.
The frank and honest truth about this Political ring ball game all together is that a befitting Section President for the masses and the party should be of good morals, cordial, interactive, readily available, financially viable and ready to spend without recourse to boast party activities and can make meaningful moves to the Political Capital to solicit for great favors on behalf of the Section.
As the count down to that great political encounter draws nearer fear, panic and confusion grips the air as there is so much uncertainty that rocks the political environment at the moment as each contestant on every blessed day come to discover where he or she is lacking for the rival to take advantage just as non of the parties concern are clearly certain also with the choices of the Honourable MP Njingum Musa and the Director Prof. Paul Ghogomo who certainly will highly be influential in the show. The final big question here is will Dr Fuh Calistus have it easy in Ngoketunjia, Divisional Delegated to coordinate CPDM party reorganization activities or exercises here?

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