Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Germans Launch Sustainable Dev’t Projects for the Elderly in Cameroon; German Charity Association Donates Eye Care Centre, Finance First Agricultural Extension Project


The German Association Seniorenhilfe Kamerun e.V dubbed Help the Cameroonian Seniors, created some four years back by Dr Alfred Holffman and other charitable Germans, made known their lofty intension of running or sponsoring multiple projects for the elderly in 2013 when they lastly visited Cameroon with exclusive cooperation with RECEWAPEC, that is the Regional Centre for the Welfare of Ageing Persons in Cameroon.
Their second coming this 20th of October 2015 for a long week of activities in Cameroon marks the beginning of the full launching, functioning, financing and sponsoring of some projects while having series of sessions to plan for the full scale operation of the eye care centre by January 2016.
Swinging into action, these old German charitable three in number, Martins, Michael and Alfred Hoffman delegated by the German board based charity out to help the old in Cameroon, have chosen first to start with the health sector which has to do with the creation of an eye care centre costing hundreds of millions to fight eye catarah which predominantly affects old person. Agriculture happens to be another highly targeted sector most especially stress free and money for making farming activities which will be subsidized by this charity.
Creating the eye care centre first to them (the German) will be of much help to Cameroonian elderly person, from the centre income will be generated to subsidize and finance the sustainable de

velopment works of RECEWAPEC chief pilot of old people’s affairs and partner to the German Association according to a memorandum of understanding signed between two parties.
These Germans who arrived on the 20th of October 2015, on the 22nd of October 2015 in an enlarge board meeting with RECEWAPEC BODs, disclosed that they are at 98% done with the collection of all items needed for the full functioning and operation of the eye care centre and that shipping arrangements will be made immediately they reach Germany by the 30rd of this month. The centre was rated to cost 100s of millions with base in Bambui Tubah Sub-Division. The centre is also to have six permanent staff, the eye care centre manager\Administrator, an optician, an optic nurse, cashier, receptionist etc and will function fully by 2016
The help the Cameroonian senior into fuller actions financed a large giant extensive agricultural potatoes farm project in Bui Division, handed to the Rovita community supervised by RECEWAPEC that was on the 24th of October 2015. To Alfred Hoffman, these old people loaded needy communities can only be freed from poverty if and only if community venture projects are financed for them to farm at ease and harvest abundantly for sell to socially keep themselves fit and why not take care of their bills.
RECEWAPEC is mandated with the responsibility to control and supervise the project that will last for over 10 years and feedback donors so that subsequently other projects out of the potatoes farm project will be born.
Giving them the money at Rovita, Alfred Hoffman and delegation remarked that, that they the Germans have come to stay and are ready to help Cameroonian seniors if they collaborate and make proper use of the money donated for the project. They also disclosed that they are ready to finance projects in any number if and only if there will be accountability, and also adding that the eye care center will also generate money for the refinancing of other project to needy old person.
The Germans also used the working visit to Cameroon in connection to development to visit the touristic attraction of the Bafut Palace and her robust museum with all its fineries, mask, carving and statues.  


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