Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Special Edition in Focus on CNDP Party! After Grand Launching CNDP Party National Chairman Disclose 2016 Action Plan Prof. Pen Muluh to Embark on Mass Mobilization, Awareness Campaign Nationally & Internationally

*Starting with Yaounde, Ebolowa, Betoua, Douala, Ngoundere, Garoua, Maroua, Buea, Bafoussam & Bamenda
* In the Diaspora, from the US, to Germany, Britain, France, Canada, Algeria, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Nigeria, Ghana etc.
-Carrying the Messages; of Peace, Unity and solidarity in the Fight against Terrorism
-Peace Democracy & Change
-Clamor for the Creation of a confederation of Opposition Parties
-Champion the Course for a new Structured & Sustained Policy for Development in Cameroon
-Putting in Place of a Veritable Check & Balance Mechanism to Control the Country’s Economic Policies
-While Training the Cameroonian Youths in Peace Keeping, Nation Building & Defense
- Professionalizing at the Same Time the Defense Forces to Combat Terrorism & Safeguard Sovereign Rights
CNDP the Salvation Party, Born to Solve Unsolvable Issue


The declaration and plan of action for 2016 was made Known on the 26th of October 2015 two days after the grand launching of the Party (Cameroon National Democratic Party CNDP) in pomp and fanfare at its National Head Quarter base Bamenda to National and international Press organs that were invited officially by Prof. Muluh Pen George National Chairman who doubles as African heads of States adviser, professor of global economy and global constitution, Municipal and Presidential Election expert, Finance expert and Telepathic Specialist, CEO, Pen Pan Pacific Sports Academy, CEO Penn Pan Pacific Motor Battery Plant, and the CEO of Penn Pan Pacific Hotel Small Mankon Bamenda.
CNDP, a political party authenticated by decision NO 1\40\D\MINAT created with special focus to breed forth new policies, orientations and legal instrument to change the Cameroonian Political, economic, and socio-cultural situation according to its founder and national chairman, will or shall “affix in the minds of all Cameroonians the yearning love and the unquenchable desire for the party of change” through his mass mobilization and awareness campaign this 2016 Nationally and internationally.
The party, this psycho-social expert explained to the press was created:
-To free Cameroon from a prolonged economic recession since 1982.
-To structure the banking system and create more job opportunities to the youths.
-To strengthen the OHADA law and link Cameroon to off shore banking system, attract foreign investors leading to full employment.
-To fight women’s right and gender equality
-To promote peace and economic development and unite Cameroon to be one and indivisible.
-To manage comprehensively the fund flow statement of Cameroon economy, whereby we key leakages
-Pr. Penn Muluh George the CNDP national President, an Economic person to balance the Cameroonian economy with unshakable zion formula: wanton decision, wanton action, wanton risk and wanton reaction.
-To structure the complete monitory system of a Cameroonian economy by creating a foreign transaction department
According to the Telepathic Specialist imbued with qualities and abilities that have no march in Cameroon, his advent in the Cameroonian political scene will change great things at all level.


-In the Economy and finance sector, he will restructure the Backing system, Transport, Trade and Industry.
-Reform Custom Duties
-Review taxes on Import and Export
-Construction of Major Farm to Market roads
-Improve on our tourism sector
-Create Industries and employ more youths
-Strengthen micro-finance institutions
-Construction of tarred roads linking the divisions and regional headquarters
-Regulate the mining sector 
-To manage comprehensively the fund flow statement of Cameroon economy, where we have key leakages
-Pr. Muluh Geoge the CNDP National President, as an Economic expert will use his knowledge  to balance the Cameroonian economy with unshakeable zion formula: Wanton decision, wanton action, wanton risk and wanton reaction.
-In the Educational and the Health Sector, offer free and compulsory education for all the youths.
-Professionalize education at Secondary and university Levels.
-Train more teachers and improve on their working conditions. 
-Equip existing Technical Schools.
-Free access to medical Schools for qualified candidates.
-Health Insurance for all.
In the Judiciary and defense sector,
-Empower and make the judiciary really independent.
-Train more Cameroonian youths in peace keeping, nation building and defense.
-Professionalize the defense force.
-In the Socio\Geo-Politics,
-Empower Women Economically.
-Encourage women to get involve in politics.
-Instill patriotism and intensify civic education in our youths,
-Modernize our agricultural system.
-Guard against environmental degradation and abusive destruction of our forest.
-Create agricultural banks.
-Economically and financially empower Cameroonian living with a disability.
-Work with political groups and implements good political decision.
In a brief pictured resume, was how the international traveler with world experience put forward, to the press as his vision manifest for Cameroonians and Cameroon.
In an Unarguable manner and with all firm conviction did this great business magnet from Bamenda put across his ideas through to the Press, hear him, “I am available and disposed at all times to face who so ever and answer any question or worries of a political analyst, critic or authority be it challenging”. 
According to him, “the advent of  CNDP is a new don in the political history of Cameroon which was just waiting for the right person at the right time to take its course and lead Cameroon to the promised land”  

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