Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Human Interest Story! Rites to Succession & Unorthodox Traditional Practices in Cameroon:Serious Man-Hunt in Douala to Inherite & Marry Late Father’s Three (3) Wives

Serious Man-Hunt in Douala to Inherite & Marry Late Father’s Three (3) Wives

News reaching our news room today Oct 28, 2015 noon from the 3rd Police district Douala, holds that a 42 years carpenter by name Kamdem Tokguem Marcel born on the 9th of March 1976 in Douala, son of late Tokguem Antoine a then driver from Bahouan is wanted for haven’t eloped eve to the date slated for the late father’s succession rites, nine years after his death (that is in 2005) for fear of all the unorthodox traditional practices that accompany the said exercise.
As the news keeps making rounds in the Akwa neighborhood, search drive continues for Kamdem Marcel drawing the attention of human right organizations who condemn in strict terms traditional procedures for sucessions and unorthodox traditional rites that accompany such exercise.
Acts of forceful inniciation to succession is very often, common placed  and fast becoming a routine exercise in each family circle around villages and is fast becoming a call for concern.
The case of Kamdem Marcel, is what beats the imagination of this Reporter in the Human interest story (“Man Hunt to Succeed and remarry late Father’s 3 Wives”) from the Bahouan clan where villagers are after the late man’s son and family for diserting the village and denying to succeed the late father for fear of inheriting the father’s three wives and key village posts in the sacred house.
The said Kamdem, as tradition demands is by right to succession, suppose to remarry and breed forth children with the late fathers wives. Assume responsibility over his five wives and sixteen brothers, shall control all his estates, and belong to all secret societies his father was initiated into while alive.
As we report the said Marcel is at large and no where to be found, certainly for fear of sucession rituals which takes weeks and look ocultic. The unfortunate truth is that family members and close aids are now victims of attack to produce or make available Marcel.
This case is just one amongst many others and is calling for serious concern as ritual rites to succession which are so scaring and demanding is causing many youths to flee the villages and country to unknown destinations while leaving their immediate spouse to suffer prejudice in the hands of villagers and authorities.
We of this media house advocating for human rights and not very comfortable with the situation in play, join our voice with that of other human right organizations to decry on such unorthodox tradition practice which abuse human rights grossly while calling on the Cameroon government to intervene and call for the review of such traditional excesses.

By; Tamukong Roland Angong

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