Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rev. Prof. Tita Spits Fire; Exposes Biya’s Gov’t\Regime\System “Garbage in Garbage Out, Gov’t Should Stop Wasting Public Funds, Misappropriated Daily to Fight Hungry Flies (Boko Haram) in their Slumps Pushed to Retaliate for Abandonment & Frustration” “Give to the Northerners what is duly theirs, Peace will Reign”

THEME: Cozy back-Door Dealings in Government Breads BOKO HARAM
When the administrative and political play grounds of a nation like Cameroon are so porous, there are possibilities that fat and smart rats take interest in cozy back-door dealings with the government, thereby rendering the socio-economic and political set-up so weak for any sound development.  Smart fats rats go for government subsidies and licenses with the only qualification being that they are addressed politicians, with no knowledge of what is required after their cozy back-door achievements. They look at government coffers as a cow that should be milked and left empty. They do not see anything that should concern them with the development of the nation. They will not see anything good in building –up a government free of corruption. They have been eaten – up by greed to quite an extend that the more they milk the cow empty, the better for their paradises while others are left in slumps. Theses smart fat rats are blind to the fact that slump dwellers out of frustration can take to any action to revenge. They are not supposed to be sufferings, in a country that belongs to all, and would have shared her resources equally. Some citizens should not be suffering in slumps, while others are in their paradise, going about with big cars that have themselves and rats only. No doubts, a snake had to share an office with human-beings in Bamenda, North west of Cameroon.                                                                                                                                                                                        
The smart, fat rats succeed in their cozy back-door arrangement and go milking the cow with no regards for the welfare of the slump dwellers. Everything is done with the spirit of monopoly and exploitation. After all, the Bible says;   “unto those who have, shall more be given”. These smart, fat rats will always struggle out of greed to make huge profits at the detriment of projects, thereby puncturing the state economy that they would have protected. There was a time I as a politician dove my hat to H/E Ama Muna Tutu, when I saw the great job she did at the court of Appeal Bamenda, North west of Cameroon. She did not handle the project like smart, fat rats do, so that she can thereafter buy luxury cars ands build luxury houses.
Oh, beloved Cameroonians in slumps, crying for democracy government of the people, by the people and for the people, where as it is in reality a government of Smart, fate rat, by some fat rats and for some smart, fat rats-cozy back-door dealers. When you look at the crookedness of their struggles to get rich, they do not care if any cow they lay hands on is milked to death. They will take out all the money in the government coffer without any true labour backing their riches. With the huge sums transferred into their accounts, they turn to their brothers in slumps and provoke them saying, “I am a member of this and that political party. I have been awarded projects and given licenses to milk the nation to death. It is my turn to enjoy this country”. These people with their cozy back-door relations, have great powers over government coffers to some extend that state money goes to any direction of their wish with no fear of accountability. The big Eroko tree in the government move out with black bags to various directions of their wish where the country can be painted multiparty, where as it is a single party state in disguise. If they so wish, they stop to throw some Chaves in the slumps for a majority of frustrated citizens who go on their flat stomachs to vote the Eroko trees that are finally very useful to smart, fat rats at the detriment of the state coffers.
Cozy back-door relations are accepted and maintained by Eroko trees and the smart fat rats, to have a vicious clique constantly in place for the purpose of always emptying the government coffers leaving the common citizen on his knees begging for a simple meal. Oh! 1960 till date, the Indian who knew no change. Always calling elections for garbage in and garbage out. State coffers squandered very unaccountable. This surely has built vexation in some minds of the slump dwellers and make them think of a crack down in any form to revenge their sufferings. Push a humble dog to the wall, it is forced to back. It is but a very natural phenomenon that when you leave some humble people in cold for too long, they are bound to react very much against your wish.
“Security Alert MINDEF, DGSN, DGRE”
On terrorists activities planned Nation Wide by Suicide Bombers of the Islamist Sect BOKO-HARAM. Cameroonians should stay vigilant at every corner, be it in church, market places, motor parks airports, stadiums, social gatherings etc. inform the forces of law and order incase of any suspicion be vigilant and dial or send sms to the number free of charge for prompt and immediate intervention. Circulate information to guarantee security even yours!.
After all that said, a hungry man in the slumps remains an angry man who prefers death no matte how vigilant we become. I was advising a young man against his habit of serious smoking and this is what he said, “Pa, you do not know why you constantly, find me with a stick of cigarette in my mouth. I was born in one of the slumps of this beautiful country and I am still living there with all the hardship. When I smoke my cigarette no matter the type, I find myself in a different world more beautiful than the slumps. If I remain with my clear eyes, what I see of the paradises around, gives me high blood that can kill me fast, but my cigarette will not kill me all that fast. If I smoke to die, then all is death which we all have to appreciate. Our government has refused to see our plight as slump dwellers. We have accepted our fate and to live any life, even if it has to lead us to death. After all, there are no slumps in the hereafter, but paradises for everybody. Why don’t I die by smoking so that I can go there, as going there can only be through death”.
The young man’s response was too logical to make me surrender my struggle to change his smoking habit. One thing I gather from the young man is that slump dwellers die telling us that the peace that we so much cherish in our paradises can only be established when all as citizens have a fair share from the state coffers. To be honest to ourselves, should we visit some of the areas of terrorism (BOKO-HARAM), we can be forced to ask if God the Creator can be bias. Did God create some people to live in hell while others are in paradises all in the same country? This is the question that the terrorists are requesting for an answer before peace can be given a chance. Let the government give them a fair chance to be part of the nation and let there be equal development of the state. Cozy back-door relations for some parts of the state of benefit while other parts remain in slumps, should be discouraged. We should avoid state coffers being squandered at the expense of the masses living in slumps, for that surely can build vexations in those suffering and make them think of a crack down of any form to revenge. We can all accept that the monopoly built around government coffers is so crooked that it does not give room to fair and open budget process for the growth of the nation’s economy, for all parts of the nation to benefit. Arrangements through cozy back – door relations are made and money goes to areas of interest that can not properly be explained, since no body has the guts to question. The Eroko trees and their cozy back-door relations are ever milking the cow without a state program to please the people, particularly those that have been left in slumps for too long.
These people of slumps are today tempted to think of a crack down on the monopoly of the Eroko trees and their cozy back-door relations. Their monopoly of the state coffers is so crooked that no room is given to fair and open budget process for the growth of an economy that can be seen to be, “form all to all”. We remain so ignorant, suffering from greed, and go shouting wolves, wolves, wolves. Who are the wolves that we cry in their hands, and where are they found? Are they in our slumps or in our paradises? Are they cracking down slumps or paradises? The nation’s development is such that it is from all citizens and shared to a few. When the phenomenon shall be seen to be that of, “from all citizens and shared to all,” the question of a crack down out of frustration for vagilence, shall die a natural death. The Boko Haram are slump dwellers and anybody in a paradise working with them is just doing that out of greed or sympathy for the sect. the truth is that slump dwellers want to have  a crack down of the paradises as a revenge for their suffering in the slumps.
As those in slumps (BOKO-HARAM) have come to conclude that their place in the nation is no where else but the slumps, and that they can never as citizens live a healthy life than that of poor slump dwellers, they have chosen death through martyrdom for Allah. Should someone doubt this inspiration, he can call a slump dweller to his luxury house and the next day, he will not think of going back to the slump any more, and neither will he think of going to dine with demons against you. A hungry dog can bite even the master. Those we refer to as BOKO HARAM are our brothers that have been left in slumps for long so frustrated and demons are today using them to destabilize our cherished peace. We should stop complaining of wolves that are invading us, we should not think that our law and order forces will solve this problem correctly, but rather, we should keep away cozy back-door relations that make some rich, leaving other poor. Let us know that we are each other’s keeper for the economic comfort of all and the peace of all. Where some refuses to be concern about the comfort for others but theirs only, those they send to the slumps will see nothing good of this world, and will choose to precipitate the going to the hereafter, that is the kingdom of Allah, through martyrdom than to remain in slumps with no hopes for survival.
When some are in slumps and look up to see others like them with equal rights to state coffers, living in paradise in the same country, they are bound to see nothing good in this world and therefore prefer the afterlife where it is realized slumps do not exist. They are right to see it better to die through martyrdom for Allah.
He who doubts this revelation, should keep the wife that he shares a common bed with her, for just a day without food and see how many demons will enter her mind against his peace. The government ought to take equal care of the citizens to avoid some using state coffers to have for themselves paradises, while others are left in slumps. No matter how long slump dwellers remain patient, they shall one day think of a crack down to enable them bring everybody to equality. All were born equal and should live equal and cross to the hereafter equal. Those we leave in slumps are bound out of frustration to nurse the adage that, he who is down fears no fall. So, we don’t care if this world is scattered into pieces, for we have nothing to loose”. It is but a right phenomenon, because he who says fire does not burn is he who has not come close to it. Let the eroko trees and cozy back-door relations get to the slumps for just an hour, and you will find them running out like rats being chased by cats. We should stop crying wolves where there are but simple hungry dogs. Let us feed the dogs or other family members, and they will not become wolves. The wolves we are crying about (BOKO-HARAM) are poor and hungry slump dwellers who are angry with eroko trees and their cozy back-door dealers that have paradises on earth built with state money that ought to have been shared equally. Northern Nigeria and Cameroon have a lot of desperate poor people who are being used by demons as BOKO HARAM. We therefore need to bring them out of poverty and desperation by enabling them have just a little of our paradises and there shall be no more BOKO HARAM.
“A hungry dog is an angry one”.
The citizens of slumps (BOKO HARAM) can’t live a good life, they can’t be doctors, teachers, lawyers etc. they therefore prefer death through martyrdom for Allah as they see themselves going to the paradise of the hereafter. In the slumps, there is nothing good. Therefore, the afterlife is better because there are no slumps found. When the slump dwellers appear on the screen with their flat stomarchs, I wonder who the military officer is to go about with such a stomach. What strength have the slump dwellers to fight the well fed soldiers? They can even go physically and sub-due the slump dwellers. Give the slump dwellers enough to eat and they will sleep snoring for peace to reign as they snore to the tune that we can all dance-soldiers, civilians, administrators, and the cozy back –door dealers. We should not use our money to buy weapons just to kill hungry flies around who are our brothers. There is an adage that an elephant couldn’t consider the complaints of a fly because of its size that all the flies on earth couldn’t kill it. The fly went into the ear of the elephant and it went beating about to death. This is the situation I fear can be with BOKO HARAM and their suicide bombers who are like the fly that entered the ear of the elephant.

By: Rev. Prof. Tita Samuel Fon.
Honorary National Chairman and Founder Cameroon people’s Party - CPP

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