Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Startling Revelations: How Biya is Manipulating & Making Mockery of Anglophone Cameroonians

*While Submitting to UN Pressure, Magnifying the Marginalization Problem in Cameroon
*S.W, N. West Joins SCNC’s Final Struggle Wholly
Looking before at the faint hand writings on the Cameroonian political wall which is now very clear and crystal on issues pertaining to secessionist moves and possibilities, right thinking Cameroonians and great political pundits are of the opinion that the Head of State President Paul and regime are gradually heeding to external pressure from the UN and International commissions to do all in their best to pave the way for Southern Cameroon’s independence by virtue of what he manifested in the constitution of his new government, solely made up of Francophones (that is removing Ama Tutu Muna and leaving just one Anglophone full flesh Minister Philip Ngolle Ngwese) .  
This effort or attempt by the Head of state was demonstrated in the last government shakeup which grossly and heavily cheated the Anglophones in general subjecting them mostly to Sectary of state’s post. A clear out ward manifestation of commitment to strengthen and govern the course for Southern Cameroon’s Independence since his new government clearly reflect one for La Republic but for the presence of the Prime Minister who will certainly be send packing after CPDM reorganizations all things being equal.
These right thinking analysts we gathered from every corner in the North West and the South West Region, after the bomb shell of President Paul Biya on the 2nd of October 2015 in the 5 Pm News over CRTV, greeted the proclamation with great awe because, according to most of them, Biya is now coming to terms with international calls to grant Southern Cameroons’ Independence. In another vein, these pundits received the shucking news with great vexation wandering why and how a son of the soil Yang Philemon if at all had a hand in the constitution of the new government will subject his or her fellow brothers to sectary of state posts (which to them is regarded as crumbs from the regime’s table).
Not only dissatisfied and annoyed by the whole show the very crossed conscious population wag their lips every where asking what has suddenly become of the lofty idea of injecting SDF party officials in the new government, was Fru Ndi consulted and he refused as usual asking for key Ministries or is it another calculated attempt to tactfully and technically keep the opposition waiting without hope as Biya keeps on manipulating the intelligence of Anglophone Cameroonian?, is this actions of Biya confirming the fact that Fru Ndi has been elbowed and pocketed to an extend that what ever he says is no longer seen serious by the regime in question? Since his weakness has been discovered?
Another set are also asking bitterly, why Ama Tutu Muna was flushed out of government and no other child of a legendary icon who had contributed greatly in the constitution of the political history of Cameroon brought in? To them, Biya took offense in the matter or case between the Prime Minister Yang Philemon and Minister Ama Tutu Muna all from the North West very serious and too personal to cause “Mafor”Ama Muna to pay for what is termed as Administrative headiness in a very disgraceful manner. What is certainly being interpreted by the Muna’s as a political slap on the face of a leading family in the North West whose father played a great and an instrumental role in shaping the history of Cameroon. The big question is will they, the Muna’s  take the action lying down or will they launch a full scale personal battle with the Prime Minister Head of Government for sacrificing own sister? Ama Muna’s actions are indicative, just denying to coordinate CPDM reorganization Party activities in Menchum as the Divisional head are signals that she is ready for all odds and war against the PM for tacitly causing her and family to be disgraced, ridiculed and humiliated  after serving the government for almost eight years as Minister of culture.  
All these unanswered questions has perverse the minds of ordinary Cameroonians who see no reason functioning or operating under such a dictatorial and tyrannical regime. Die heart militants of the CPDM are still optimistic even dough some are still leaking their wounds and others thanking God for haven’t been spared. The case of Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry Sectary of State for Mines is very obvious, the number one strong man for Ako\Misaje who for these short while has not been having it easy from the hands of his elite with petition writing but for the fact that he has a Political God father the PM. Where is Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle  Biya’s Political weaverbird and Prof Agbor Tabi the expected PM in the NEW system, is another call for concern? People, who had high hopes to enter the new government, consult them now and you will obviously hear them say, “Biya being a political wizard knows when to appoint who and where”. When will that be now that everything is almost moving to a crash or to the end better still? Is another big question!
All things being equal the CPDM philosopher King President Paul Biya will certainly measure the strength of his die heart militants after CPDM reorganization to come up with a new government. Many are also of the opining that the new lists of government which is not highly representative is just meant to tease militants and Cameroonians to see their reaction for special note to be taken, serious checks and balance be made before another government is reconstituted and fired to cause another major political distraction of Cameroonians.
Some of the CPDM gurus even those fired and whose passports have been seized, tired of trumpeting for the regime are quietly leaking their wounds praying not to be impeached or called up for alleged embezzlement while in active service or in the abyss of the system. The Biya regime, one of them thinking aloud said “are very much unpredictable, the very moment you are not expecting it is when the obvious comes your way” “any gift from the regime is always a poisoned one”. One cannot now tell with certainty from the above exclamation whether the Ministers who have just been dropped will go free given that there was even one attempt for Loius Bapes Bapes while as Minister of Secondary Education grilled for days. It is obvious now and very certain that they will end up in Kondengui after their lay to rest by the regime for reasons known best by them.
Another disappointing truth about the reflection of the new government is what went wrong or suddenly happened to the “Big FILES” the oppositions of this country have been carrying down to Yaounde for Biya to endorse and make entries into his government. From all indications, another opined that Biya collects those things and dump, paying very little attention to, doing just what is pleasing to him as rightly spelled out by the powers that enable him govern this cosmic circumference called Cameroon with a high sense of foresight.    
BIYA “knows how to play his cards well” one pundit retorted, it is not for nothing that Lucky Mme Nee Formundam was appointed at the prestigious post inside the Presidency still from Ama Muna’s Division. The “Bite and blow” political disposition and situation is what makes of the Biya regime strong, and what ever act they commit are easily seen vindicated in the eyes of the masses in the next second. 
Facts here and there you will bear with this Reporter that, last Friday 23rd October 2015 Biya staged another great administrative maneuvers, two Governors were retired and two appointed out of the ten. A North West based devoted servant of the regime who for the past years has tactfully laid the ground work for the National Chairman of the SDF Ni John Fru Ndi to be completely pocketed was catapulted, Nguelle Nguelle Felix of Mezam appointed to take Jules Marceline Njaga’s place in the South.
A fast thinking leader, who in no distance time will earn the title of a political wizard, Wait and see, in just a weeks time another bomb shell will be thrown Cumming the files of retired SDOs and DOs for fresh appointments and outright movements.  
This can be read from the clouded looks on the faces and the heavy minds of those SDOs, DOs who are serving prolongation term and will desire to stay on. From there, Regional and Divisional Delegates will be those waiting for their turn. Every blessed day you will bear with me again that leaders sleep with fingers crossed most especially during this precarious moment. furthermore, another great foreteller added that fingers are not only crossed for appointments or sacking but also for what great future lies ahead of Cameroon now that all the boundary countries surrounding Cameroon has been infested by war and chaos which might likely consume Cameroon. Hear him “its time to Pray Hard”   

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