Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Prayer for the Nation-Cameroon

Our Lord most high, our Father, who is in Heaven, Praise be to your Holy Name. Oh Father! Peter was in prison and the Church Prayed, he was released. We are today down on our knees praying for our Country-Cameroon, to be released from the demonic hands of Boko Haram.
Father and Merciful God, you are quite aware that Cameroon is in the clutches of Boko-Haram. Your children in the arm forces are struggling to stop their advancement, and with you Father, we are sure because we know that you alone have the over ruling ability over the affairs of all mankind.
Father, at such a crucial moment, we pray that you cause all citizens of Cameroon to light their candles as people of one Nation and follow your command in the battle field so that they can avoid the havocs programmed to be caused by demons of darkness (Boko Haram). These servants of Satan, want to steal your Nation-Cameroon. We ask you to give your servants of the Cameroon Force, the mandate to crush for your Glory, the Boko Haram. Step your SERVANTS of the Cameroon army up, to fight courageously for this Nation of Cameroon that by your Grace, came to be established among the Nations of the World. Let the servants of Satan be put to shame as Cameroon stays in your peace and will not run to war like other nations.
Thank you father for giving our arm forces the mandate to fight courageously for the sovereignty of our beloved country.
Thank you Father that the entire world is seeing JESUS and his Peace in Cameroonians. Thank you Father that through Cameroon, the entire world will know JESUS and his Peace for the well-being of mankind.
We pray that all the citizens of Cameroon will continue to do only those things that will go to Glorify your Name.
This we ask through our Great Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST- AMEN.
Rev. Prof. Tita Sameul Fon

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