Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Meet Hon. Mbah Edene Enih Persecuted But Award Winning

Honourable Mbah Edene Enih is the Political successor of famous Legendary Political wizard cum very vocal MP P.C Fonso and now wears the crown of the SDF as Member of Parliament for Mbengwi Municipality with all its accompanying challenges for almost three years NOW.
A woman amongst women in a Municipality or constituency manned and controlled by almost entirely by women with two political parties, the SDF and the CPDM sharing the same “Bed Room”, to every normal reasoning Cameroonian it is but normal that such a task will not go without conflicting political interest most especially when it comes to extending a hand of fellowship to fellow ones. Which is what the noble honourable diagnosed at the debut of his political career as MP that is, as Man of the People for the collective welfare of his people without any discrimination. Today she is the choice of the Mbengwi people exceptionally thanks to her generosity, motherly open and friendly behavior toward electorate.
Mme Honourable Mbah Edene Enih we should score here was one time District Chairman of the SDF who worked so very well and hard that the venerable P.C Fonso saw in no other militant the qualities of a militant with a burning passion for the party who could continue the collective struggle of the party in the glass house in Yaounde as he retire than in her.


Hon Mbah Edene the soft spoken MP has much to ride home ranging from lobbying for most Public investment projects for Mbengwi to be include in the national project logbook, roads infrastructural negotiations, support to needy communities and association\farming group, donation of school didactic materials, zinc, health infrastructures and support to youths and animation program during and even after holidays.
All these realizations are from the account booklet of the micro grants credits placed at her disposal by the state which to the best of the knowledge of the population and the civil society that voted her not leaving out her population and the commission put in charge of repartition, scored her a 100%.
Madame Honourable the God fearing woman at the third phase of her political career at the Glass House leaves much to be celebrated of her early mastery of the political game which his political Master PC Fonso though it will take some time.
To the surprise of his rival party the CPDM, the young, once termed a feeble minded MP has stood all the odds and is now been celebrated by members of her rival party to be prolific, dynamic, pragmatic, realistic, innovative and industrious.
Conscious of the task entrusted to her by SDF Mogul PC Fonso the Hon MP with her ever renewed political skills and qualities has been able to reanimate grass roots party politics at the base making it more a door to door affair.
Her historic passage on the Mbengwi political scene is memorable and shall ever last with monumental evidence since she has inscribed a lot of her own quota of achievements on the sands of our time. Today she is highly celebrated by militants not only because of her generosity but because of her openness, her  heart of compassion and of the ear she has to always  listen in order that peace, unity, understanding and harmony is maintained for the enhancement of collective happiness in her Municipality or constituency.
It is on account of the above avalanche premise, that a cross section of submissions send in by the diverse audience that we throw open to the election exercise after nominations at the Ayaba Hotel Conference Hall on the 28th of March 2015 was positive . A forum Yee comprised of the Press, the Civil society, religious authorities and some dignitaries in the region voted Mme Mbah Edene Enih amongst others, Best Female MP of the Year and Honourable Njingum Musa as Best MP of the Year from Ngoketunjia Nord constituency.
Bagging home the famous prestigious title of an accredited Winner of the 2015 Trinity Nobel National Press Icons Award for excellence as Best Female MP of the year for fostering or enhancing the socio, economic and political development of the nation through her nation building venture or strides. The heavily attended ceremony in the presence of two Sectaries of States Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry and Ngafeeson Emmaneul respectively  amongst other high profile Cameroonians proper took place at all Saint’s Parish Pope John Paul the II Hall Bayelle Nkwen Bamenda on the 27th of June 2015.   

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