Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Prof. Tita “Children of the One Party System & their Political Intrigues” Beware!

Christ the son of our living God knew that Judas one of his disciples was to betray him. He would have dropped him radically from being a disciple, but that he did not do. Christ equally knew that peter the rock on which he was going to build his church was going to publicly declare that he was not his master, but did nothing. He maintained them as his disciples for the scriptures to be fulfilled. They were members of his cabinet and he could have as well radically flushed them out, but that he did not do. If Christ and the Father in heaven at a moment of doubts in his cabinet, did not reshuffle the cabinet, how much less earthly leaders changing their cabinet at will, single handedly with the unawareness of God the provider and protector.
What is it all when earthly leaders reshuffle cabinet just to send out a few persons for reasons that are only in their armpits. In Democracy should cabinet members be at the mercy of leaders who appointed them, answerable to them and to be flushed out at the wish of the leaders? It is surprising that the masses that the cabinet members serve have no voice in their appointments and in their being flushed out. When the law stipulates that it’s the leader’s right to appoint and dismiss, I do not hold it that this should be done radically at will, even when some cabinet members are having a ball rolling into the net in the interest of his services to his people. In the interest of democracy for good governance, it is unacceptable that cabinet members should be flushed out of office with their tails in between their legs like a dog that has picked a piece of meat from the mater’s dinning table.
As they sorrowfully move out of their offices, some are joyfully stepping in, knowing fully well that tomorrow it will be their own turn to be flushed out. So the field remains a place to go and harvest only and not to plant. That is why leaders receive a lot of praises after appointments. Those appointed cry on the top of their voice “it is our turn to enjoy the country”.
Some serious questions come up my mind as an analyst; what did the leaders admire of those they brought into the cabinet and what do they no longer admire of the very persons at the time of flushing them out of cabinet? As the flushing is usually too harsh, reasons known only by the leaders, is room ever given for handing-over? How are those flushed out and the incomers controlled? With these unanswered questions in my mind, I find leaders having powers to put democracy and good governance on their seats and sit on it making the common citizen powerless and to remain silent even when wrongs are perpetrated. What I am saying here may look fact resistant and impervious in the ears of newly appointed Ministers, but radical flushing out and bringing in new and delicate hands, will bring breath of hatred, suspicion and powerlessness in the people. That is why there is some times disagreement between persons who claim that they were appointed by the same leaders. When citizens take part in bringing in and flushing out, there is confidence in leadership as nobody is seen to have been more favored.  But when leaders have all the powers to appoint and flush out at will, the people are always left to doubt the struggle of moving out from dictatorship to democracy.
What is all that matters in the change of cabinets, when room is not given to people to bring in individual visions of development as they are inspired. The point is clear that when in Rome, you just have to dance as the Romans do. Should flushing out and bringing in new members be a matter of politicking only without explanations to the citizens by leaders? Although it is politically fashionable for leaders to at will, put up and bring down some members of cabinet, we would agree that when it comes to explaining what makes the in-comers different from those being flushed out, citizens will radically disagree at various angels because they all blindly face different directions and are therefore bound to think differently of the abilities of their leaders as they intricately manipulate on the boards of their ignorance.
The truth as I know is that flushing some out and bringing in others does not capture a political uniqueness for good governance in the interest of our cherished love for democracy.
At this point my suggestion is that which explains how cabinet shake-up should be done by our leaders so that developments can lie at the hearts of manipulators of political boards, that is what matters when reshuffling cabinets. Shake-ups poorly done can find people going out and some coming in, but the machinery will remain constantly rusted and crooked for any sound change for socio-economic and political growth of the people. The question for GOOD Shake-up is, who is to do what, where, when and how? Is there room for him to be answerable to the people and not only to the leaders? is he completely left surrendering to the wimps and caprices of the occult powers of leaders that makes them stand against honest nature bound citizens forcing them to remain powerless even at points of taking them to the stream and making them to drink forcefully.
Some of these government Shake-Ups are just to jingle the political bell for the people of the nation to listen attentively, with a lot of concern for what stands their way next? As manipulations go ahead very undisturbed on the political boards. At such a moment, some citizens will be angry, some happy, some confounded, but the wheel of the board of manipulation keeps turning. The truth is that a bird flies high and comes down low, or a lion runs behind its prey, they do so not for any particular reason of interest, but because by nature that is what they aught to do, so too are leaders. Some are better at thinking of means that can be used to achieve ends, while some keep turning on one spot as the adage goes, “an Indian who knew no change”
Having gone this far it should not escape our minds that shake ups should extend beyond selections. The citizens should be allowed to make valued judgments of the out-going and in-coming cabinet members. The cabinet should not be left at the wimps and caprices of leaders who with the occult powers manipulate the nation to their favor. With this point clear enough, I think we will be stumbling across another level of politics for our socio-economic and political growth. Once the people can ask why the cabinet shake up, why John and not Peter is appointed, they will be able to dig deeper and address other matters that lie beneath the political gimmicks of their leaders. At the point, the process will continue for the citizens to continue deciding on the kind of people rushing into their cabinets. It should be a question of ability to serve and not occult powers that render our citizens powerless and blind to political manipulation s at their detriments. To end up, permit me remind you of what my old father kept telling me, he said “Son than for you to take a limping dog to the bush for hunting, you better stay off the hunting exercise for that period”.         

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